Operation Bold Strike: Follow Me Training Support Package

Exciting opportunities to create and nurture tactical decision makers at the Follow Me web-site. Just posted, Operation Bold Strike: Follow Me Training Support Package. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity provided to us by the United States Military Academy West Point Department of Military Instruction.

A Follow Me TSP is more than just a summary of the scenario and its key points. What I have tried to do is provide a complete analysis of the operation, one that would provide enough information for an instructor to determine how to integrate that exercise into their lesson plan or program of instruction.

Although I am still adjusting the format, the following outline seems to work the best:

  • Terrain Analysis
  • Enemy Analysis
  • Friendly Forces Analysis

Within each category I’ve provided the instructor with Skills and Abilities, Things To Do, and some visualization activities.

Skills and Abilities

This section provides the instructor with student activities that map to a particular skill level.  The idea is to give the instructor ideas on how to engage their students.

Things To Do

In this section I provide the instructor with ideas on individual or group activities.

Meaningful Support

Time and again you see programs issued to units without any meaningful supporting documentation.  This is something that I want to change with Follow Me.  A TSP “Manual” should be included with every scenario.  The idea is to provide the instructor with everything they need in order to use Follow Me and achieve their learning or training objectives, making their time in the simulation more productive.

A great resource has been posted at the Follow Me Site. continue reading

Stay Oriented!