PODCAST: Don Vandergriff on Military Personnel Reform: The Ideas Discussed Can (SHOULD) be Adapted to Policing As Well!

Photo of Don Vandergriff instructing with a map

Don Vandergriff conducting a map exercise, Photo by Dan Grazier.


The Army and Marine Corps doctrines are based on a foundation of mission command, a leadership philosophy where commanders tell subordinates what they want done but allow the subordinate leaders to figure out how to do it. For such a leadership philosophy to work, the entire organizational culture must be optimized for that, to include the personnel system. Don Vandergriff, a retired soldier and author, has dedicated his career to pushing these ideas. Here he talks about what steps can be taken to ensure we have the most effective and ethical military possible.

I have followed Don Vandergriff's work for over a decade now. His ideas on leadership and how to teach and develop people are outstanding and they work! Policing can learn from the information discussed in this podcast. Please take the time to listen. I look forward to your thoughts.


Stay Oriented!