Podcast: I sit down with George Whitney of Complete EM and discuss: Active Shooters and After Actions

George Whitney of Complete EM each week speaks with people making a difference in emergency management. They talk about what works, what doesn't, how to work efficiently, and how to get it done with maximum effect. In this podcast ACTIVE SHOOTERS AND AFTER ACTIONS I speak with George about police response to active shooter incidents. We discuss how to prepare, how we learn, and how people can prevent and when prevention fails we talk about how to develop people who can observe-orient-decide and act in crisis situations.

What might Jack Nicholson's Col. Jessep, law enforcement and emergency management have in common? Good reason to conduct routine, honest, self-evaluation. In this episode of the Complete EM Podcast, we discuss the current state of policing given recent active shooter events, what's now affecting policing outcomes, and where we go from here. And while we talk a lot about law enforcement, emergency managers will quickly hear (and feel) the program similarities and walk away with some great insights with which to improve their programs.

George and I also discuss the powerful lessons that are learned from reviewing and critiquing a crisis situation you were personally involved in is a better than most formal training you can get. Why? Because you were there and experienced the circumstances first hand and then sat down and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the response. From these lessons learned you develop a better plan for next time. A key component to conducting a Decision Making Critique DMC/ After Action Review AAR is a candid open dialog, about the lessons learned both positive STRENGTHS and negative WEAKNESSES.Anything less and you are only fooling yourself.

“To learn as quickly as possible, we must be more deliberate, more disciplined, and more thorough in our approach in order to squeeze as much as possible from each experience, as with everything else about mental conditioning there is no magic here.”

~ Gary Klein

We invite you to listen and sound off so we can evolve our profession to more effective and safe responses.

Stay oriented!