Police, Security subdue disorderly person at Sea-World

Orlando Fla April 30 2009

A sweaty, shirtless man on LSD was shot with a stun gun several times after trying to enter SeaWorld Orlando without paying, according to an Orange County sheriff’s report released Wednesday.

Nicholas Casanova, 23, of Miami, wielded a more than 30-inch-wide recycling bin cover as a shield and repeatedly shouted “never, never!” during a scuffle with deputies about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Minutes before the scuffle, Deputy Christopher Barrette, a uniformed, off-duty deputy, spotted Casanova trying to enter the park without paying. He was shirtless, which is a violation of park rules, and sweated profusely, the report states.

Barrette approached him, and Casanova left. He re-entered about 5 minutes later and exited, and the deputy approached again. Casanova ignored him, so the deputy touched him on his right arm.

Casanova broke away, beginning the scuffle that would land him in the Orange County Jail.

Worried Casanova would act violently against nearby park guests, the deputy tackled him, and a security guard sat on his legs. Casanova broke free, and Barrette shocked him with a stun gun.

“Never,” Casanova said.

Barrette shot him again.

“Never,” Casanova repeated. Barrette fired once more.

“OK, OK,” Casanova replied.

But when Barrette tried to handcuff him, Casanova fought, and Barrette received a minor cut from the handcuff.

Casanova made his way to a bench near a recycling can as Barrette shocked him repeatedly, then grabbed the can’s lid and swung it at the deputy. Afterward, he ran to a rope fence and tried to jump into a nearby water feature.

Deputies used the rope to restrain Casanova. He was taken to Dr. P. Philips Hospital, where tests showed he had LSD in his bloodstream.

Casanova faces counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer, battery on a security officer, resisting an officer with violence, disorderly conduct, aggravated assault on a law-enforcement officer, and assault on a licensed uniformed security officer.