On Policing a Free Society with Fred Leland A New Podcast Coming in 2019

In 2019 I decided to step outside my comfort zone and will be launching a podcast"> "On Policing A Free Society" with Fred Leland. My focus of effort will be to bridge the gap between the people and the police and the us and them mentality, so crucial to successful American Policing. As Herman Goldstein said back in 1977, in his great book and resource, Policing A Free Society:

“The police, by the very nature of their function, are an anomaly in a free society. They are invested with a great deal of authority under a system of government in which authority is reluctantly granted and, when granted, sharply curtailed. The specific form of their authority—to arrest, to search, to detain, and to use force—is awesome in the degree to which it can be disruptive of freedom, invasive of privacy, and sudden and direct in its impact upon the individual. And this awesome authority, of necessity, is delegated to individuals at the lowest level of the bureaucracy to be exercised, in most instances, without prior review or control.

Yet a democracy is heavily dependent upon its police, despite their anomalous position, to maintain the degree of order that makes a free society possible. It looks to its police to prevent people from preying on one another; to provide a sense of security; to facilitate movement; to resolve conflict, and to protect the very processes and rights—such as free elections, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly—on which continuation of a free society depends. The strength of a democracy and the quality of life enjoyed by its citizens are determined in large measure by the ability of the police to discharge their duties.”

The function of policing does involve anomalies be it warrior and guardian, persuasion and force, escalation and escalation, social and physical skills, centralized and decentralized control, discretion and compliance, letter of the law and spirit of the law, and more all are to sides of the same coin, and require a delicate balance. Not an even balance I must add but delicate just the same. Why? because situations matter, context matters so trying to standardize all our courses of action down to some school solution neglects the critical factor of context and one of the main reasons policing is such a complex job. The policing strategies, operations and tactics we in policing use must be utilized in a way that we understand how they impact the moral, mental and physical categories of conflict and violence.

On Policing a Free Society will discuss all the necessary factors, from selection and training up to police use of force, all critical to developing more effective and safer, and better understood, American Policing.

My hope is that you will listen, sound off and if you find the podcast of value, share it with those you know.

Stay Oriented!