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Adam Elkus has a review of Robert Bunker’s new book with Stephen Sloan, Red Teams and Counterterrorism Training. While Red Teams and Counterterrorism Training over at Red Team Journal. It looks to be a powerful additional resource to those in law enforcement and security looking to take their training programs to the next level.

Sloan and Bunker’s point of departure is Sloan’s late Cold War terrorism classic, Simulating Terrorism, which set the research–and practice–agenda for simulating terrorist incidents. While the basic logic of terrorism remains the same, the grammar has shifted towards a much more tactically violent style of enemy whose goal is, to flip the 1970s maxim, to kill a lot of people rather than gain their attention. As such, simulation need to shift towards a different model rooted around everything from the low end of the “active shooter” to the high-end of small-unit operations and multiple attackers. As the title indicates, the book concerns both simulation and red-teaming. A major challenge–especially in a time of declining budgets–is creating a realistic and valid simulation on the law enforcement level. Bunker and Sloan are mindful of this, and trend towards pragmatic training measures. The sections on red-teaming draw on innovations from theater (Roberta Sloan, a professor of theater, contributes a chapter on role-playing in red-teaming).

I am ordering my copy now.

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