The Seven Signs of Terrorism By John Demand

My good friend John Demand from Observation on Demand has put together a great  way to help all of us remain vigilant called OBSERVE! Keeping things simple and getting things done!

Stay Oriented


To remember the seven signs of terrorism think of the word “OBSERVE”

O - Observe signs of surveillance, look for photographing, recording and monitoring activities, such as: Persons making drawings diagrams or maps. Pay attention to persons watching or those with unusual interest in infrastructure: power, water, plants, bridges, schools, stadiums, shopping malls, public transportation.

B - Be aware of unusual inquiries regarding important places, workers, or operations dealing with power, water, plants, bridges, schools, stadiums, shopping malls, public transportation.

S - Security may be compromised by walking into restricted areas to gauge response or test the strength and weaknesses of security in a building or area. Frequently test your systems to assure they have not been compromised.

E - Engaging in the surreptitious acquisition of supplies such as identification, stealing uniforms, forging IDs, passports. Acquiring firearms, ammunitions, explosives, or bomb making materials. Immediately investigate thefts of these items.

R - Remember to be on the look out for suspicious or out of the place behaviors. Asking unusual questions or being in places that seem out of place - Trust your instincts. If it does not look right... It probably is not. - REPORT IT.

V - Very likely to make dry runs where they put people into position and move them around according to the eventual plan without committing the act itself.

E - Evolving plots will try to get terrorists into position at or near a target. Sometimes leaving something behind and removing themselves from the premises, such as a back pack or box. Other times staying with something suspicious (such as suicide bomber). This is the last opportunity to report something to the police. Do not Dismiss it.