Somewhere Along the Way

Afraid of the Light

I just love this poem By James Kavanaugh. It hits a nerve in me about how competition is not always healthy and if we are not careful we miss out on what’s truly important in life, mainly people and the simple things.

Somewhere along the way

A persistent voice taught me I was in competition with every other man in the world.

I listened carefully and learned the lesson well.

It was not enough

To find a loving wife and have average, happy kids,

To see a sunrise and wonder at an eclipsing moon,

To enjoy a meal and catch a trout in a silent, silver river,

To picnic in a meadow at the top of a mountain

Or ride horses along the rim of a hidden lake,

To laugh like a child at midnight and to still wonder about the falling stars.

It was only enough

To be admired and powerful and to rush from one success to another,

To barely see faces or hear voices, to ignore beauty and forget about music,

To reduce everything and everybody to a stereo color pattern on the way to some new triumph,

To rest in no victory, but to create new and more demanding goals even as I seem to succeed,

Until finally I was estranged and exhausted, victorious and joyless, successful and ready to abandon life.

Then somewhere along the way

I remembered the laugh of a child I once knew,

I saw a familiar boy wandering joyously in the woods,

I felt a heart pounding with excitement at the birth of a new day,

Until I was in competition with no one and life was clear again.

Somewhere along the way.