Thoughts on Policing a Free Society: Rethinking Widely Held Assumptions Regarding Police Fuction

"In order to make the police function more workable ,to reduce the conflicting pressures on the police, and to assure that future investments in police improvement will bring greater return, we must go back to fundamentals. We must rethink widely held assumptions regarding police function; recognize the discretion inherent in police work; and establish the values basic to policing. To reduce present pressures on the police, we must better align public expectations with an accurate assessment of what police can do; increase the capacity of the police to carry out their responsibilities more effectively; and improve related systems upon which the police depend. And, finally, we must continually bear in mind the objective of all police reform is not simply to create a perfected police establishment, but to improve the quality of police service."-Herman Goldstein, Policing A Free Society, 1977