Top 25 Criminal Justice Blogs We made the list at # 3

how to become a police officer

How to Become Police Officer has honored us with a spot on their Top 25 Criminal Justice Blogs, Law Enforcement and Security Consulting came in at number 3 on a list with some great Blogs servicing law enforcement. Thanks to all the followers of this blog for reading the material we post. My goal is to help shape and reshape our thinking so we become sound tactical decision makers.

Whether you’re fascinated by criminal justice or you want to learn how to become a police officer, reading law enforcement blogs can be quite entertaining. You can learn about unique laws you may not be aware of and see what is going on in the world of criminal activity. There are hundreds of criminal justice blogs online, but some of them are more active and informative than others. That’s why we put this list together as a reference point for you.

Here are the top 25 criminal justice sites on the internet.

1. is dedicated to providing the most complete listing of law enforcement classes and seminars available. They provide timely and accurate information about police seminars, conferences, continuing education and training events.

2. Cops Alive

Cops Alive is a blog for cops by cops. It is written to ensure that police officers maintain healthy, happy lives on and off the field. The posts here include everything from police news to important terms every officer needs to be familiar with. It also discusses family life and fitness to ensure that readers have positive experiences all the way around. Being a cop is hard, but this blog makes it a little bit easier.

3. Law Enforcement and Security Consulting

LESC is a blog written to help law enforcement officials improve their skills. It discusses various encounters that law enforcement officers may have and gives advice about how to handle it. The blog’s focuses include officer safety, decision making under pressure, street level red teaming, full spectrum policing, police operational art, dangerous body language, crisis preparedness, adaptive leadership, and more.

4. Guardian Leadership

This blog was formed by former Deputy Chief Glenn Hoff. It is made to help police officers and police organizations find success through personal and career development. Guardian Leadership includes an array of advice on how to be a leader in your community. It discusses the mental struggles officers go through on a daily basis and easy ways to overcome them.

5. Cop Talk

This blog is designed to answer questions you may have about law enforcement. The posts here are primarily written for citizens, but there are some helpful tips for cops as well. Cop Talk runs a podcast for those who prefer listening over reading, and all of the posts on the site are neatly categorized.

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