Tulsa Police, Security Team up to Fight Crime

Tulsa OK April 30 2009

There’s a new security force in some high crime neighborhoods. It’s a partnership that officers say targets a source of the problem in many crime-ridden areas and apartment complexes.

It’s an effort between Tulsa police officers and security guards at housing complexes. Officers say its good for those who live in the complexes and those who live nearby. James Stevenson lives just doors down from one of the housing complexes in North Tulsa and knows a lot of people who live there, he says they too are fed up with violence. He says he’s lost several friends in senseless shootings, one of his friends remains in critical condition from the shooting that happened at a housing complex last week, police say an innocent victim.

“We’ve been having problems with a lot of the complexes in north Tulsa ,” says Tulsa Police Officer Heather Weakley. Officers are now expanding their efforts to take a proactive approach to stop the crime in a place where they say it often starts.

“We know a lot of the problems are from those sources,” says Weakley. “Tulsa police does strive to have a good working relationship with the complexes.”
Now officers are working with security guards at the complexes. “It makes it a lot easier they’re are eyes and ears,” says Weakley.

Aaron is the Vice-President of “Global Elite Security” he supervises more than thirty security officers in housing complexes throughout Tulsa. He’s seen the difference working together can make.

“It is helpful it does decrease on the amount of crime, drugs, and violence.” Now James and others hope it makes a difference in their community.

“I know a lot of this crimes that’s going on they can stop it,” says Stevenson.