Use of Force Policy: Dispelling the Myths by Lexipol

Lexipol has put together a great resource to help departments craft a use of force policy that helps officers wade through the confusion that swirls around use of force policies. The white paper talks about the 3 mindsets to avoid when crafting your policy.

Law enforcement agencies can find themselves pulled in different directions when it comes to their use of force policies. But making hasty changes based on pressure from media, the public or new model policies can expose your agency to legal risk—and prove ineffective in reducing use of force. In this white paper, four law enforcement professionals and attorneys look at how common use of force policy myths can produce problems for agencies and officers. 

Lexipol reminds us that continuous improvement is at the heart of law enforcement and risk management. And that use of force is likely the most scrutinized topic between these two disciplines.

Certainly, no one disputes the need to continuously improve use of force policies. But in doing so we must avoid becoming victim to some of he myths that surround these policies. 

In this whitepaper Lexpol takes a look at those common myths. why they can produce problems for agencies and officers, and how to craft your policy to help officers make legally sound use of force decisions.

Its a great paper i feel every cop of all ranks should read. Download it today to learn how your policies can support the dual goals of reducing risk and reducing unnecessary use of force.

Stay Oriented!