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Unreflective Speed of Action...Do You Think Its Time Policing Reflects on the Tactical Influence of Time?

I read a great post Flowing through time: the need for a certain slowness by Sonja Blignaut, In the piece Sonja focus is on business and their organizational cultures and how our preoccupation with speed is creating toxic environments in the workplace but with little reflection you can see the same influences she discusses in products and services to clients crossover into the crisis responses a

Break It Down Show Podcast: Don Vandergriff - Mission Command, Trusting Your People, To Win

Don Vandergriff - Mission Command, Trusting Your People, To Win - Don Vandergriff is the author of the Mission Command series and one of the first 30 guests we've had on the show, ONE OF THE OGs!

Technological Negation of Human Sexual Dimorphism: A Guest Post by Franklin C. Annis, EdD

Leveraging Technology to Bring Non-Battle Injury Risk Closer to Parity Between the Sexes by Franklin C. Annis, EdD

Guest Post Home Security Guide from Bank Rate


A home burglary happens every 23 seconds in the U.S.

If that sounds like a lot, it is — but it still pales in comparison to the burglary rates of years past. In fact, FBI data shows that burglaries have dropped by 37% since 2008, and property crimes overall? Those are down a whopping 50% since 1993.


Reports of racially motivated, fatal shootings by police officers have garnered extensive public attention and sparked activism across the nation. New research from Michigan State University and University of Maryland reveals findings that flip many of these reports on their heads – white police officers are not more likely to have shot minority citizens than non-white officers.

Thought on Discipline: A Great Podcast Series from All Marine Radio, Every Police Leader Should Listen To

In policing we often wonder why the effectiveness of our organizations is less than we desire. We ponder all kinds of reasons, such as; budgets, time, the legal and liability effects. We label people as malcontents, nonconformists, or poor performers, or perhaps poor policies and procedures, rules and regulations and poor or inconsistent training. Failure to hold people accountable and a lack of discipline are also discussed at length.

Gary Klein – Cognitive Psychologist, Studies Decision Making in Crisis on The Break It Down Show..Outstanding Episode

Cognitive Psychologist, Studies Decision Making in Crisis - Making decisions, understanding intuition and getting better at adapting our decisions and thinking; especially when there isn't enough time or information to make the best decision. There's actually a guy, Gary Klein, that studies highly complex, extreme risk decisions and how to improve them.

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