Sun Tzu the Art of War

Sun Tzu Series Part 4: The Commander...Leadership in an Uncertain World!

Next is the Commander. He must be smart, trustworthy, caring, brave, and strict. ~Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu Series Part 3: Choosing the Battleground

“Next is the terrain. it can be distant or near. It can be difficult or easy. It can be open or narrow. It also determines your life or death. ~Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu Series Part 2: Climate...Understanding the Situation

Next you have the climate. It can be sunny or overcast. It can be hot or cold. It includes the timing of the seasons. ~Sun Tzu

Today's Need for Strategic Skills: Science of Strategy Institute

A great article from the Science of Strategy Institutes founder and leader Gary Gagliardi. Short and to the point on how strategy and Sun Tzu’s Adaptive Response System helps in all aspects of our lives personally and professionally.


October 13, 2008 - 9:12am — GaryGagliardi

Sun Tzu Series Part 1: Analysis and Strategic Positioning for Law Enforcement and Security (Discuss Philosophy)

This is war. it is the most important skill in the nation. It is the basis of life and death. It is the philosophy of survival or destruction. You must know it well. Your skill comes from five factors. Study these factors when you plan war. You must insist on knowing your situation.

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