Obama: Terrorists Still Plotting an Attack

“President Obama thanked counterterrorism employees Tuesday for helping keep the United States safe, warning federal workers at the National Counterterrorism Center and the national TV audience that terrorist groups are ’still plotting’ to attack on American soil.

‘The record of your service is written in the attacks that never occur — because you thwarted them — and in the countless Americans who are alive today because you saved them,’ Obama told the audience at the National Counterterrorism Center in audience.

Al Qaeda Recruits a Growing Number of Americans

“In the eight years after September 11, and especially during the Bush administration’s first term, Americans became all to accustomed to a diet of orange alerts, sensational terror arrests, and breathless press conferences announcing the thwarting of yet another serious plot.

Texas Man in Custody on Federal Arson Charges With Possible Eco-Terrorism Link

“A Texas man was arrested this week on federal charges stemming from an arson at a construction site that may have ties to eco-terrorism, according to a criminal complaint.

Former California resident Stephen James Murphy was taken into custody at his home in Arlington, Texas, Wednesday, said FBI Los Angeles director Keith Bolcar in a release about the arrest.

Murphy was named in a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Los Angeles charging him with the 2006 attempted arson of unfinished townhouses in Pasadena, Calif., according to Bolcar.”

FBI Director: Al Qaeda-Linked Somali Group Could Attack U.S.

“They could strike the United States. That grim assessment is the first time the FBI director or any other senior law enforcement or intelligence official has stated on the record that the Al Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab is no longer content to strike within the East African nation of Somalia.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked if members of al-Shabaab, which translates as ‘mujahideen youth,’ would send American recruits back to the U.S. to launch attacks.

Letter from Bombay Anatomy of a Siege By Marie Brenner

Last year … I was working as a decorator in Jhelum city [in Pakistan]. But I was unhappy with the meager amount that I would make.… My friend Muzaffar suggested that for better money we should get into robbery and dacoity [armed robbery]. I … went to Rawalpindi with Muzaffar and took a room on rent.

In unrelated cases, feds arrest men who plotted to blow up courthouse, skyscraper

Two men who professed devotion to Al Qaeda -- one a convert to Islam, the other a Jordanian native -- were charged Thursday with plotting to blow up buildings in Illinois and Texas.

In both cases, the men thought they were working with Al Qaeda operatives when they were really working with undercover federal agents.

One man, according to authorities, planted what he thought was an explosive outside a Dallas skyscraper, while the other parked a van, supposedly armed with a bomb, outside a federal courthouse in Springfield, Ill. The devices were fakes.

Listen to the Footsteps, Watch the Dust

This is not a paranoid outburst of anti-jihadism. Listen carefully and you must see the increasing frequency of individuals and groups coming out of the closet and into the open. Right now it is a "short list," but a list nonetheless, and it is growing.

Online chats led to Texas terror suspect's arrest

A terror suspect accused of plotting the bombing of a skyscraper in Dallas, Texas, drew authorities’ scrutiny because of his violent posts on an extremist chat site, court papers indicate.”

(Source: Online chats led to Texas terror suspect’s arrest –

New York Police Official in Terror Case Is Replaced

“The New York Police Department has removed a senior official from one of its two sometimes competing antiterrorism units, after it played a role in disrupting a sensitive federal terrorism investigation, current and former police officials said on Wednesday. He was replaced by a top official from the other unit.”

(New York Police Official in Terror Case Is Replaced –

Illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices

“An Illinois man was ordered held on Thursday on charges he tried to blow up a federal building in the state capital, a case unrelated to the New York terrorism plot.

Michael Finton, also known as Talib Islam, was arrested in Springfield, Illinois, and charged with attempted murder of federal officers or employees and trying to use a weapon of mass destruction, charges that carry a life sentence.

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