Mexico's Seeds of Radicalism: Micro Movements with Macro Implications By Hakim Hazim

Radical leaders and their followers were dismissed for years as small bands of crazies unworthy of serious study or scholarship. Most of these groups belonged to the non-state actor class and were viewed as largely inconsequential until radical, Islamic fundamentalists seized power in Iran and the micro became macro with global implications. They quickly set up shop by dispatching operatives in Lebanon.

Mexico's new drug use law worries US police

MEXICO CITY — Mexico now has one of the world's most liberal laws for drug users after eliminating jail time for small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and even heroin, LSD and methamphetamine.

"All right!" said a grinning Ivan Rojas, a rail-thin 20-year-old addict who endured police harassment during the decade he has spent sleeping in Mexico City's gritty streets and subway stations.

Mexico's "Divine Justice"By Samuel Logan and John P Sullivan for ISN Security Watch

Coordinated attacks across Mexico’s Tierra Caliente region from 11 to 15 July elevated La Familia Michoacana to a new level. Also known as simply, La Familia, or ‘The Family’, this former group of vigilantes has evolved into Mexico’s most unique criminal organization, one that has proven its power and influence at least within Michoacan and the neighboring states of Guerrero, Mexico and Jalisco.

Terrorism Awareness: Vigilance, It Will Take America Banding Together to Minimize the Terrorist Threat!

I wrote this back in 2007 along with my partner at the time Maria Gonzalez. As we are coming up on 8 years since 9-11 I am putting it on the Blog as a reminder to be alert and aware. Stay Oriented!  Fred

By Fred Leland and Maria Gonzalez

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” —Charles Darwin

The Ultimate Lock Picker Hacks Pentagon, Beats Corporate Security for Fun and Profit

Tobias is laughing. And laughing. The effect is disconcerting. It's a bwa-ha-ha kind of evil mastermind laugh—appropriate if you've just sacked Constantinople, checkmated Deep Blue, or handed Superman a Dixie cup of kryptonite Kool-Aid, but downright scary in a midtown Manhattan restaurant during the early-bird special.

Manhunt underway in U.S., Mexico after border agent killed

LOS ANGELES, July 25 (Xinhua) -- U.S. and Mexican authorities on Saturday continued their search for suspects along the U.S.-Mexico border after a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed by assailants.

    Investigators said evidence shows that the shooting confrontation at the border fence near San Diego, California, may have left at least one of the attackers seriously injured.

Mexican Crime Families: Political Aims and Social Plans By John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus

Interesting intelligence from John Sullivan and Adam Elkus on Mexican crime families and their strategies and goals. How they have evolved to using Guerilla and small unit tactics, torture  on Law enforcement and security officials all in an effort to force the Mexican government to cease its crack down on them.

Mumbai terror attack suspect pleads guilty

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab is one of 10 Pakistani nationals who police said unleashed terror on India’s financial capital for four days and three nights in November. Other gunmen were killed during the attacks. (CNN)

Explosives found at home of Texas deputy's killer

By Arelis Hernandez
Associated Press

Chambers County Sheriff Joe LaRive holds framed photos of sheriff's deputy Shane Detwiler's family. Earlier this week, a shootout and standoff at a rural mobile home park near Baytown, Texas led to Detwiler, 31, being shot and killed. The gunman, a former reserve police officer Gilbert Ortez, Jr., was found dead inside the trailer home. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Mayra Beltran)

Infosec As a Form of Asymmetric Warfare from Information Security Resources

I recently had the privilege of discussing the applicability of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to information security with Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO of NetWitness.

Mr. Yoran’s experience in military, government, and private information security domains provided valuable insights on the value of this military treatise. Below are highlights from the podcast.

The Art of War

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