Spike in suicide attacks: Is Al Qaeda in Iraq coming back?

US and Iraqi officials facing an increase in high-profile suicide bombs do not believe it signals a reversal of a trend of declining attacks. But they say political maneuvering by an Iraqi leadership preparing for national elections is likely to sway decisions that are key to bolstering security.

Only a third of terrorism arrests lead to charges

Britain has arrested more than 1,400 people under anti-terrorism laws since September 11, 2001, the government said Wednesday, but only a third of those were charged and even fewer convicted.

Releasing the first complete statistics on the issue, covering the period from the attacks on the United States to March 31, 2008, the Home Office said there had been 1,471 arrests under the Terrorism Act. (Reuters)

Prison Gangs and Organized Crime By Sam Logan

The November 2008-April 2009 federal trial of six members of the Barrio Azteca prison gang was indeed one of revelations: Former gang members, policemen and other witnesses testified to the gang’s inner workings and, most significantly, to its connections to Mexican organized crime.

It was the first time this information had been aired in the public domain; yet the trial demonstrated only a small slice of the murky world of growing ties between Mexican criminal bosses and street gang foot soldiers doing their bidding north of the border.

Information-sharing platform hacked

The Homeland Security Department’s platform for sharing sensitive but unclassified data with state and local authorities was hacked recently, a DHS official has confirmed.

Global Metropolitan Policing: An Emerging Trend in Intelligence Sharing by John Sullivan and James Wirtz

Red Team Journal contributor John P. Sullivan has a new article with James Wirtz in Homeland Security Affairs Journal on the growth of metropolitan police networks: John Sullivan and James Wirtz hit a homerun with this article… All those tasked with protecting the Homeland from conventional and unconventional, emerging threats from criminal and terrorist networks, should take the advice they have to offer. This is an outstanding article.

Swedish man convicted of terrorism charges in NY

A Lebanese-born Swedish man was found guilty of several terrorism-related charges on Tuesday for attempting to set up a militant training camp in the United States and websites showing how to make bombs.

Oussama Abdullah Kassir, who was extradited from the Czech Republic to New York in 2007, was found guilty by a U.S. federal jury on multiple charges, including supporting terrorism and al Qaeda, by attempting to set up the camp in Bly, Oregon, from 1999 to early 2000. (Reuters)

To protect turf, Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' OKs lethal force against U.S.

The reputed head of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel has instructed his associates to use deadly force if necessary — even against U.S. law enforcement — to protect their increasingly contested trafficking operations, according to law-enforcement authorities here and in Washington.

FBI's Lapses on Terrorist Watch List Put Nation at Risk, Report Warns

The FBI has retained almost 24,000 names on the nation’s terrorist watch list without current or proper justification, while failing to include people who are subjects of terrorist investigations, according to a Justice Department report issued yesterday.

Homeland Security Report Issue 197 from Anthony (Tony) Davis and the Homeland Security Group

Homeland Security Group has published LESC article Full Spectrum Policing and other up to date and valuable information in the Homeland Security Report Issue 197.

Inside This Issue

Officer Safety—One Million Volt Stun Gun.………..…..1

Full Spectrum Policing .....2

Swine Flu: 21 Things Law Enforcement Needs to Know……………………...4

Chemical Agents: Sheltering in Place………7

7th Annual International Counter-Terrorism Officers Assoc. Conference………9

The Red Teamer's Bookshelf by Mark Mateski

I recently asked the RTJ team to recommend the influential books they think the well-informed red teamer should read. I intended to create a top-ten list, but with so many good suggestions, I decided to go with them all. I invite RTJ readers to comment, critique, and chime in. Do you agree or disagree? What are we missing?

So, without further introduction, here’s the list: Continue

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