Conflict and Violence

Crisis Intervention Teams & Police Interactions with People with Mental Illness: Evolving Tactics That Make a Difference

It was a crisis call that may well have ended in tragedy. Police responded to an incident at a group home and a group home worker answered the door with a knife in hand. Police reached for their guns.

"Once guns are drawn, things happen fast," Cops understand this very well!

Reducing Violence is About Not Grabbing a Gun

My good friend Pete Turner has written an enlightening piece "Reducing Violence is About Not Grabbing a Gun" Pete has spent years in conflict zones advising military commanders on how to best better understand their operational effect. More importantly for these leaders is developing their organizational ability create a repeatable and lasting positive affect. Affects are achieved by leveraging culture. Using existing cultural systems allows organizations to speed partnering and success.

Felix Nader Discusses The Value of Workplace Violence Prevention

In this short video clip Felix Nader discusses the value of workplace violence prevention policies. Yes we have prepared people how to respond to the violence but to take workplace violence to the next level of readiness we must focus robustly on preventing these acts.

It’s How You Say What You Saw by Patrick Van Horne

Here is an article that was recently written by Patrick Van Horne and published in the Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association (ITOA) quarterly journal.

“The benefits of Tactical Awareness don’t end with the recognition of someone who warrants additional attention. Tactical behavioral analysis provides a vocabulary for police officers to articulate what led them to make decisions.”

Does Mass Violence Unfold Randomly and Chaotic or is There Hidden Order We Can Leverage in Our Prevention Efforts?

“Newton’s laws describe the motion of everything under the Sun and give physics great power in its ability to relate cause and effect. Yet the path of a ball in a pin ball machine seems to defy human control, it seems chaotic.” ~Chaos, Professor Steven Strogatz, Cornell University

Happy Memorial Day! Conflict, Violence, Sacrifice, Fallen Heroes and My Own Thoughts on those Who Gave it All

I am standing waiting outside in the center of the town, it’s a clear day today a bit windy and cool this November morning, the 6th of November to be exact, I thought remembering the day important.  As I look down the street about quarter of a mile or so to see if there is anyone coming from the church, I am thinking of the young man I am waiting on, a young Marine who gave his life while protecting others.

Law Enforcement and the Utility of Force...Why Cops Can't Shoot Like the Lone Ranger?

Every time there is a police related shooting, I hear questions: Why did they have to kill him? Why did they shoot him with lethal force? Why did they not shoot the gun out of his hand? How about hitting him in the leg or just wounding him? All questions asked for reasons I feel are related to a serious lack of understanding of what police officers can and cannot do when it comes to life- threatening circumstances and handling their weapons.

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