Conflict and Violence

Happy Memorial Day! Conflict, Violence, Sacrifice, Fallen Heroes and My Own Thoughts on those Who Gave it All

I am standing waiting outside in the center of the town, it’s a clear day today a bit windy and cool this November morning, the 6th of November to be exact, I thought remembering the day important.  As I look down the street about quarter of a mile or so to see if there is anyone coming from the church, I am thinking of the young man I am waiting on, a young Marine who gave his life while protecting others.

Law Enforcement and the Utility of Force...Why Cops Can't Shoot Like the Lone Ranger?

Every time there is a police related shooting, I hear questions: Why did they have to kill him? Why did they shoot him with lethal force? Why did they not shoot the gun out of his hand? How about hitting him in the leg or just wounding him? All questions asked for reasons I feel are related to a serious lack of understanding of what police officers can and cannot do when it comes to life- threatening circumstances and handling their weapons.

Workplace Violence and Harassment: Bill 168 to Impact Franchise Systems

Employers have always had an obligation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the OHSA), to take all reasonable precautions to protect workers, a duty which is arguably already broad enough to encompass an obligation to protect workers from violence in the workplace. The recent amendments to the OHSA, which come into force June 15, 2010, confirm the extent of this duty, and also outline a number of specific steps employers must take in relation to violence and harassment at work.

Evolving Threat to Law Enforcement Online video has cops sickened, outraged

A hateful video praises the killer of a Detroit officer and calls for the murder of more cops

In the very small hours of the morning on Monday, May 3rd, 42-year-old Detroit police Officer Brian Huff was shot and killed — and four of his fellow officers were shot and wounded — in a gun battle with a 25-year-old man with a history of violence against police.

Bullying...Defeat it with Strength of Character and Positive Confrontation (PC)

My good friend and fellow law enforcement officer George McNeil gave me the opportunity to speak with a group of about 30 or so of his Criminal Justice Students at Bridgewater State College.  The topic was bullying.

The discussion was about an hour long and after defining the problem of bullying, to include cyber bullying.  Discussed a few actual incidents of bulling from students in the class,  the focus of the conversation turned to  CHARACTER and its affect on preventing or deterring all forms of bulling.

Command, Influence and Information in 3D Tactics By Chris Flaherty

In complex and violent engagements, the situation needs to be sized up via the OODA Loop at a faster pace than our adversary if we are to effectively deal with and resolve the complex, chaotic and violent circumstances.

Evolving Threats and the Fourth Generation Warfare Problem Here at Home

Fourth generation warfare (4GW) is conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, soldier and civilian. ~William Lind

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