Conflict and Violence

Gunman kills 3 officers, wounds 4th in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. – A police officer was battling for his life and three more were dead after a parolee with an "extensive criminal history" opened fire at a routine traffic stop and hours later gunned down members of a SWAT team searching for him.

The gunman was also killed Saturday, capping a day of violence that the Oakland Police Department said was the worst in its history. Never before had three police officers died in the line of duty on the same day. Continue reading

Small Wars Journal Article: Thoughts on "Hybrid" Conflict by Dr. Russell W. Glenn

The last several years have seen the rise of “hybrid warfare” as a term in international and U.S. armed forces literature. Others similarly write of “hybrid conflict,” “hybrid war,” or “hybrid threat,” ...

FBI investigate bombing of UCLA professor's car

The Associated Press

Posted: 03/09/2009 09:52:20 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES—The FBI is investigating the firebombing of a vehicle belonging to a UCLA neuroscientist who uses animals to study schizophrenia and drug addiction, officials said Monday.

A homemade explosive set the professor's car on fire as it was parked outside his home on Saturday, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said. No one was hurt.

Small Wars Journal Article: Postcard from Mumbai: Modern Urban Siege

Outstanding article all law enforcement and security should read from the Small Wars Journal Postcard from Mumbai: Modern Urban Siege… Our adversaries are adapting their tactics to exploit our weaknesses with small unit tactics and multiple targets spreading our resources and capabilities.

Lessons In Survival The science that explains why elite military forces bounce back faster than the rest of us by Ben Sherwood

In a laboratory, it's extremely difficult to study why some people are better at bouncing back than others because it's so hard to simulate the real stresses and strains of life. Scientists can show people scary pictures or movies to trigger their reactions and measure how they recover, but it's hardly the same as a mugger in an alley or a grizzly bear on a hiking trail. Dr. Andy Morgan of Yale Medical School set out to find a real-world laboratory where he could watch people under incredible stress in reasonably controlled conditions.

The Coming Swarm by JOHN ARQUILLA

Picked this up from Global Guerilla's: Take a look at the New York Times article The Coming Swarm. The article focuses on the changing trend in terrorist attacks to one of multiple small unit tactics to exploit responder resources and capabilities. Local Police Departments and Security practitioners of Hotels, Businesses, Universities and Colleges had best re-evaluate their methods of handling one critical incident at time to one that adapts to multiple tiered attacks. It appears our adversaries have studied us well and know us possibly better, than we know ourselves.

Cambridge police arrest suspect in workplace shooting

CAMBRIDGE -- The co-workers had been arguing for months.

It wasn't clear what the two were fighting about, but today Clyde Howard ended the dispute with a gun, authorities said.

At about 10 a.m., Howard, 65, a custodian from Brookline, chased his colleague Maurice Rickets inside and outside their office at Baystate Pool Supplies Inc., on Smith Place near Fresh Pond, prosecutors said. Howard fired multiple shots, hitting Rickets in the head and torso.

Sun Tzu Series Part 8: Interpersonal Communication: Doing What We Know How To Do, the Tactical Realm of Conflict

Know yourself and know your enemy. You will be safe in every battle. You may know yourself but not know the enemy. You will then lose one battle for every one you win. You may not know yourself or the enemy. You will then lose every battle. ~Sun Tzu

When Sun-Tzu met Clausewitz: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and the invasion of Iraq by Dan Ford

A great article by Dan Ford on COL John Boyd’s OODA Loop which will help those new to Boyd theories in understanding the methodology of decision making via the Boyd Cycle at a much deeper level than just a simple cycle of OBSERVATION-ORIENTATION-DECISION & ACTION. When Sun-tzu met Clausewitz: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and the invasion of Iraq

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