Conflict and Violence

An Affair of Honor-The Duel

Here is a great article titled Man Knowledge: An Affair of Honor-The Duel which is actually done in two parts on the origins and history of dueling.  davidsculpture

HSTV Presents, Case Study: Mumbai

On March 1, HSTV brings you an exclusive case study of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. This program follows every step of one of the most meticulously planned and executed terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Starts March 1 at 9:00 am ET.

We were ready, they weren't...40 + Years after Newhall, Are We Applying Lessons Learned?

This title is part of a quote taken from cop killers dating back to April 6th 1970 in what’s known in law enforcement circles as the Newhall incident. “They stopped us. We were ready; they weren’t. One of them got real careless, so I wasted him.”

When Violence Prevention Fails, Planning Must Enhance Strategy

“Planning is great but plans are useless.” These words uttered by General George Patton should speak loudly and clearly to those of us whose job it is to protect and serve. Planning does help us in setting the finer details of a particular mission.

Oakland Police Shooting Report with Insights from Attorney/COP Ron Sellon

Over on Massachusetts Police Legal News Attorney/COP Ron Sellon offers some valuable insight into the lessons learned from the after action review released last month on the Oakland PD March 21st incident that left 4 police officers dead in a  2 hour time frame.  In the end failure to critique  our responses in a candid and honest way leads to more deaths and doing things the same way we always have.

Active Shooter 2.1 Video Series, Parts 1 and 2 at Homeland Security Television Featuring LESC, Inc

Columbine. Mumbai. Fort Hood. Whether you've responded to one or heard about them on the evening news, active shooter incidents are terrifying and difficult to foresee. We can, however, train to handle these incidents in a way that limits injury and loss of life. 

Evolution of Strategy and Tactics to Ongoing Deadly Action "Active Shootings" and Operational Art

An active shooter is defined as "... an armed person who has used deadly physical force on other persons and continues to do so while having unrestricted access to additional victims.[1]

The vision most law enforcement officers have when it comes to an active shooter is one or two people with guns moving through a building, randomly shooting anyone in their path. Active shootings are often thought of as taking place in a public place, such as a school where kids attend.

LESC Links January 11th 2010

Disgruntled plant worker kills 3, injures 5 in St. Louis

A disgruntled worker embroiled in a pension dispute with his company showed up at the plant and opened fire Thursday, killing three people and wounding five before apparently killing himself.

Strategy, Policies and Procedures, Or Human Frailties...Where does Failure in Security Manifest?

Adam Elkus has a great article up on Open Security that hits on some very important points when it comes to implementing security related strategies. His focus is on foreign affairs but the lessons he speaks of, factor into all human affairs, conflict and violence and in our efforts to implement security strategy’s .

Coffee and Conversation: Is "Officer Friendly" a Factor to Consider in Engagements with Our Adversary?

“Citizens of the community, administrators, and heads of law enforcement agencies desire to interact with friendly officers. While a friendly image does much to promote a positive image for the officer and the department, overly friendly behavior at an inappropriate time may cause some offenders to view this as a sign of vulnerability.” ~Violent Encounters, A Study of Felonious Assaults on Our nations Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Bureau of Investigation

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