Conflict and Violence

Independent Board of Inquiry Into the Oakland PD March 21 Incident where 4 officers paid the Ultimate Sacrifice

This report or After Action Review was released yesterday. It’s about the tragic March 21st Oakland PD Incident where 4 cops were killed, 1 injured and the bad guy killed in a 2 hour period. It is a great report with lessons learned. We do not have to agree with everything in the report but we should most definitely learn from the lessons both positive and negative and adapt accordingly.

Human Traffickers: Another Parasite Amongst Us Guest Post with Hakim Hazim

The public should be especially sensitive to the plight of modern day slaves. Human trafficking, according to the United Nations, “is the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them. “ It’s modern day slavery, pure and simple. The victims are men, women, and children who find themselves caught up and trapped in world of predators. The victims come from every part of the globe and in every color.

"Helping Yourself" People are the First Line of Defense in Preventing Violence

Thanks to John Robb at Global Guerrilla's for pointing out Amada Ripley’s great article in Time Magazine that speaks of the efforts made by the passengers on board flight 253 Christmas day and that people are not helpless in these types of situations.  In the aftermath these heroes were treated like suspects the article also points ou

"Sharpening Our Orientation" and Reducing Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

A New Years Resolution we should all strive for “Sharpening our Orientation”

“To weaken the enemy, it is not necessary to attack him directly. Tire him by carrying out an active defense, and in doing so, his strength will be reduced, and your side will gain the upper hand.” ~36 Stratagems

Plane "attack"raises fresh security fears

“A central question for British and US authorities investigating the apparent attempt to blow up an airliner will be whether the perpetrator acted alone or as part of a wider conspiracy.

British authorities were first alerted to a possible domestic connection on Thursday night and have assigned teams to ascertain how strong that connection may be.

That will involve checking the identity of any individuals involved and seeing if they make any appearances on databases of possible suspects and extremists.

Coffee and Conversation: Police Make Mistakes But Seldom Admit Them! What's Reasonable?

This article “Police make mistakes but seldom admit them” is focused on a couple of use of force cases out of Connecticut and is interesting in a couple of ways. First the title is true we in law enforcement do make mistakes and we do not like to admit our mistakes.

Active shooter' tactic saves lives at Northern Virginia Community College

A positive police article on the active shooter response at the Northern Virginia Community College that ended with no injuries. A 20 year old male shot at professor and missed.

After a shooter started firing in a building at Northern Virginia Community College's Woodbridge campus last week, police rushed in to try to stop the violence.

That, in and of itself, doesn't seem like news. Seems like what they're supposed to do.

False Sense of Urgency or Sound Tactics? You Make the Call!

Video shows plainclothes D.C. detective drawing gun during snowball fight

Take a look at this video and you tell me whether this is sound principles of safety, tactics and professionalism or is this an off duty cop having a bad day he just made worse?

"Laying in wait"attacker shoots 2 Wash. cops

Man killed, deputies hurt in county where 4 officers were slain last month

EATONVILLE, Wash. - Two sheriff's officers responding to a domestic dispute were wounded and a 35-year-old man was killed Monday after he opened fire on the officers at a home in Washington state's rural Pierce County, authorities said.

The shooting is the third in the last three months in which authorities say a gunman has taken aim at law enforcement officers in Washington State.

Calif. officer's single shot killed bank robber who held hostages

"This was a clear, calculated ambush situation for officers and deputies," Redding police Lt. Scott Mayberry said

BURNEY, Calif. — Police are calling a 47-year-old Burney man's shooting spree from inside a bank an orchestrated attack that left them no choice but to fire back.

"This was a clear, calculated ambush situation for officers and deputies," Redding police Lt. Scott Mayberry said Wednesday at a news conference.

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