Conflict and Violence

Border zones and insecurity in the Americas by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus

Border zones are incubators of criminal instability and violence. Weak state presence and the lucrative drugs trade is combining to challenge state sovereignty in acute ways. Consider Mexico, where the northern frontier with the US and southern border with Guatemala are contested zones. The bloody center of gravity of Mexico’s drug cartels is the ‘plazas’, the drug smuggling corridors that link the borders.

Gangs and 4th Generation Warfare (4GW) The climate has Changed: Read Bill Lind's article: On WAR #323 Milestone

One of the ongoing themes of this column has been gangs and the role they play in a Fourth Generation world. Here in the United States they already serve as an alternative primary loyalty (alternative to the state) for many urban young men. Gangs will likely be a major player in 4GW because gang members are expected to fight. Those who won’t do not remain gang members.

12 Injured in Shooting After San Francisco Concert

SAN FRANCISCO — A gunman opened fire at a group of fighting men, injuring 12 people outside a concert hall, authorities said Monday.

The gunfire erupted Sunday night near the Regency Ballroom after several men were involved in a fist fight, San Francisco police Sgt. Wilfred Williams said. The victims were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

At some point, a man standing near the fighters opened fire in their direction before running away, police said.

Shootings renew fears over workplace threats

Three recent workplace shootings have again cast a spotlight on violence at work and the steps employers can take to recognize threats and protect employees, particularly in the ways they hire, fire or lay off workers.

“This certainly has been a busy week for us,” said Richard Denenberg, co-director of Workplace Solutions Inc., a Red Hook, N.Y.-based nonprofit crisis prevention consultant. “There is a lot to be learned from all of this.”

Special report: Fighting domestic violence in Kentucky

In the past three years, 49 Kentuckians have been killed by their husbands, boyfriends or former mates — victims of the ultimate form of domestic violence, according to a state advocacy group and news accounts.

Yet only seven of those victims had domestic-violence orders from the courts to protect themselves from their alleged abusers, according to a Courier-Journal review.

Advocates say there are a variety of reasons that battered women don't seek protective orders, including embarrassment and fear — and the perception that they don't work.

Security Guard Stabbed At LSU Law School

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Police are searching for a man accused of stabbing a security guard at the Louisiana State University's campus.

Investigators said the incident happened early Saturday evening at the LSU Law School.

Witnesses said they overheard the security guard arguing with a man regarding access to the building minutes before she was stabbed.

Officer Created Jeopardy: Reduce it with a Strategic and Tactical Mind

Fighting is not only a battle of courage, but also of wits. Hence, creating false formations and illusions enables one to be camouflaged. This confuses the enemy.” ~100 Strategies of war

Do Our Loyalties Affect Violence?

This is a great question posed by John Robb over at Global Guerillas on the recent Fort Hood shooting and possible critical factors. Factors that could very well be pre-incident indictors, red flags, or signs and signals we should at least think about and consider if prediction and prevention efforts are the focus of our strategy.

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