Conflict and Violence

Urban Siege in South Asia

Great article by John Sullivan and Adam Elkus “Urban Siege in South Asia” The article speaks to the emerging threats we face and the preparation needed in an effort to prevent and respond to the threats we face. Some may claim this implies “greater police/security apparatus or resources” I submit a not greater, but better trained resource which is the message I take from the article.

4GW Comes to Fort Hood by William Lind

A great article over on the Defense and the National Interest and Don Vandergriff’s web-site written by William Lind a man with and expertise on Conflict and Violence and who authored the Maneuver Warfare Handbook.

Gunman surrenders in high school standoff

All safe after principal held hostage in upstate N.Y.

Image: Suspect in custody

A suspect is seen in custody outside Stissing Mountain High in Pine Plains, N.Y.

PINE PLAINS, N.Y. - A suspect who held a school administrator hostage at a New York high school surrendered Tuesday morning, the Duchess County Sheriff's Office said.

Man Killed, 6 Hurt in Shooting at Illegal Bar in Pennsylvania

READING, Pa. —  Authorities in eastern Pennsylvania say a Maryland man is dead after a weekend shooting at an illegal bar that also injured six people.

Reading police say 28-year-old Richard Gonzalez, of Prince George's County, was killed around 3:30 a.m. Sunday in what investigators are calling a speakeasy.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams says about 100 people were in the bar. He says multiple shooters fired 25 to 30 shots.

Us or Them: The Best Strategy to Prevent Violence is Foreknowledge and Strength of Character

Is he a terrorist? Is he linked to an Islamic extremist group? If he is linked, how could he be a member of the United States Military? How could he be right under our noses and no one know whether he was a terrorist planning an attack on those he knew and worked with? All these questions and more surface in the aftermath of the Foot Hood killings; questions that should be asked as part of our efforts to understand and do everything in our power to prevent future acts of violence from occurring.

Officer Describes Fort Hood Firefight

One of 2 police officers who confronted the alleged Fort Hood killer says he shot Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan before kicking the man's weapon away, handcuffing him and ending the shooting. Video link here

First responders stepped up to the plate

In the days following the Fort Hood shootings a lot has been made of the valor and heroism of the first responders on the scene. And it should be. From the Soldiers on the scene at the Family Readiness Center who pulled fellow Soldiers to the ground or moved the wounded to safety to the police officers who rushed to the scene, bringing down suspected shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, our Army community stepped up to the plate.

Rare events: Violence and Destruction...What are the Signs and Signals? (Don't Mind Your Own Business)

Most of us spend our lives in the solitude of peaceful work and social environments, the way American life should be. Yet every so often someone decides to take out their frustrations on the world and commit an act of violence that appears random and shocking. Our everyday norm puts us in a complacent mindset, unaware of our surroundings and ignoring the signs and signals of danger nearby.

Fort Hood shooting victims came from varied backgrounds

The 13 people killed in a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas, included a pregnant woman who was preparing to return home, a man who quit a furniture company job to join the military about a year ago, a newlywed who had served in Iraq and a woman who had vowed to take on Osama bin Laden after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Here is a look at the victims.

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Orlando shooting suspect charged with murder, apologizes

Orlando shooter Jason Rodriguez was deep in debt and angry with the engineering firm that fired him because according to him, "they left me to rot."
Rodriguez, a former civil engineer, recently told a bankruptcy judge he was now making less than $30,000 a year at a Subway sandwich shop and was in debt to the tune of $90,000.

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