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Fort Hood Report Lessons Learned...Now Lets Apply Them!

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov 9, 2010) -- The Army must establish a policy for contract security guards in an "active shooter scenario," to clearly define their authority and responsibilities in a scenario such as the Nov. 5, 2009 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, that left 13 dead and 31 wounded.

LESC Links November 2nd 2010

Phasing Out Use of Force Continuum’s

Listen to this pod cast. Its only about 15 minutes and explains police use of force as it should be, based on the Supreme Courts "Objective Reasonableness Standard and how we make humans make decisions.

LESC LINKS October 12th 2010

I will be heading out Thursday for the Boyd and Beyond Symposium taking place at Marine Corps Base Quantico.  I look forward to attending and participating in the conference. I hope to see some of you there! I will share the lessons learned (I am sure there will be plenty) upon my return. In the mean time stay oriented! ~Fred

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Organizational Culture: Is Yours Congruent with What You Do?

My good friend Don Vandergriff sent me a terrific 167 page report from the Strategic Studies Institute  IS THE ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE OF THE U.S.

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Brookline Police Officer Missing

Police are asking the public for assistance in finding Police Officer Thomas Shea, 41, of Canton, who was last seen with a friend in Natick on Aug. 16. Continue reading


LESC Links August 2nd 2010

I have been off the Blog over the last month busy with both work and some vacation. Hope all has bee better than good with all of you. As I write this 101 police officers have been killed in the line of duty so far this year. this is a 28% increase over last year. Not a very good statistic and one we should be striving to decrease. Striving with all we have to become more effective on the street.

LESC Links July 3rd 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is about freedom and freedom is what we work  hard to uphold in performing our duties. Always remember and never lose sight of that.  Enjoy the holiday with your families and if your working out on the streets….BE SAFE!


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JUSTIFIED: Are You Serious? The Balancing Act of Persuasion, and Reasonable Force

Seattle police say they'll review police tactics and training after an officer was shown on video punching a young woman in the face.

LESC Links June 12th 2010

Adaptive Leader Methodology: An Alternative for Better Outcomes

By Don Vandergriff and Fred Leland

It was an honor and privilege to work on this article with my good friend Don Vandergriff. Our hope is you all get some ideas you can utilize making yourselves and your organizations more effective. ~Fred

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