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LESC Links January 16th 2010

Protecting the Force: Lessons learned from Fort Hood

The shooting spree allegedly perpetrated by a self-radicalized soldier of Muslim faith has revealed shortcomings in the Defense Department’s ability to counter dangerous outside influences on the military, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today.

LESC Links January 15th 2010

A Bridge Too Far?

“The New York terrorism trials could overwhelm the city, warns the NYPD’s top cop.”


Dallas police make arrests in ATM theft ring

Why conflict between officers helps the team

In the first part of this series, Conflict resolution, being a team player, and other stupid cliches, we talked about encouraging positive conflict and building trust within a police agency. The feedback you provided was overwhelming!

Domestic crimes may be considered "terrorist" acts

Radical environmentalists may not see themselves as terrorists, but asked whether a terrorism enhancement applies to their sentences for destroying government property, the Seventh Circuit found the issue clear cut.

On Nov. 9, the court affirmed application of U.S.S.G. 3A1.4 to members of the Earth Liberation Front who destroyed several research projects at a U.S. Forest Service facility in Rhinelander.

Focus is on hotel security in wake of nude video case

Hotels are used to giving wake up calls. Now, they’re getting one.

The industry is taking a closer look at guest privacy safeguards in the wake of the high-profile case of Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter who was videotaped nude through the peephole of at least one hotel room.

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Have we gotten lax in our security?

wall A certain segment of the population has indeed gotten complacent when it comes to security.

Hotels More Likely To Become Terrorism Targets: Report


Hotels are more likely to become targets of terror attacks, a new report said.

STRATFOR, a U.S. intelligence firm said in an analysis released Tuesday that terror attacks against hotels have doubled in the eight years since 9/11 terror attacks, while injuries and deaths caused by those attacks have increased by six-folds since then.

The reason that hotels become more attractive to terrorists, it said, is because now military and governmental targets get harder to hit.

Radisson Hotels Customer Data Breached

By Cara Garretson, Veteran Business and Technology Journalist

Radisson Hotels & Resorts has posted an open letter to its guests, informing them of a recent data breach but offering little additional information.

Active shooter's release leaves community speechless

In April 2009 the District 4 Court of the State of Wisconsin ordered the release of Bryan Stanley, the killer of three people in a church. Two doctors — both mental health experts — agreed that he is no danger to the public as long as he takes his medication.

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