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Strategy and Tactics For Handling Dynamic Encounters Workshop September 25th 2009 Presented by Fred Leland

“The origins of human violence are complex. Thinkers, historians, and scientists have explored the issue for centuries, but answers remain elusive. The roots of a violent act are multiple, intricate, and intertwined. The mix of factors varies according to the individual and the circumstances. Understanding violence after it has occurred is difficult enough. Trying to assess a threat and keep it from being carried out is even more of a challenge.”

Common Scenario, Unpredictable Results 

Conflict resolution, being a team player, and other stupid clichs with Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith

About a decade ago, my husband and I jointly authored our first police management article, “Avoiding the Abilene Paradox,” for Police Chief  magazine. We received such great feedback from that article that I began an unofficial, on-the-job study of the important role of conflict in successful organizations.

Leland Connects the Dots by Adam Elkus of Rethinking Security

Adam Elkus has posted some comments on the article Conflict, Violence and the Art of Operations...Connecting the End (Strategy) with the Means (Tactics) written by me. Its an honor for me to have an expert like Adam Elkus take an interest in my work as he is one of the nations leaders in this area.

Learn-Unlearn and Re-learn on the Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Blog

“Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without passion.” ~G.W.F. Hegel

WTC memorial will be open to families on 9/11

By Jennifer Peltz
Associated Press

A crane works above Tower 4 at the World Trade Center site, Tuesday, July 14, 2009 in New York. The 64-story tower, designed by Maki & Associates, is being constructed by developer Larry Silverstein. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Fatal blasts hit Jakarta hotels

At least six people have been killed in two separate explosions at luxury hotels in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, police say.

The country’s Metro TV reported that one blast hit the Ritz-Carlton and the other, the Marriott Hotel. Television footage showed the facade of one of the hotels had been torn off by the blast. (BBC)

Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 2009 Mid-Year Report

The NLEOMF has released its 2009 mid-year report on officer fatalities, and there is some cause for concern. After falling to their lowest level in nearly five decades last year, line-of-duty deaths among law enforcement officers nationwide rose 20 percent during the first six months of 2009.

Compartmentalizing Security: Checklists & Stovepipes

The Wall Street Journal article on June 2, 2009, “Is Tougher Airport Screening Going Too Far?” highlights two recent court cases calling into question the TSA’s authority to conduct searches of airline passengers. In one case the article discusses U.S. v. Fofana, 2009 WL 1529815 (S.D.Ohio), where a transportation security officer discovered a passenger carrying three fake passports. The passenger was arrested and indicted for making or forging passports.

Homeland Security Report NO. 99 from Homeland Security Group and Tony Davis

This month's Content:

  • Officer Safety - “Spy Bolt”
  • DOJ Catches Spies in US
  • Editors Note Regarding Spies
  • Special Earnings for Veterans
  • National Security Poll
  • NIST Computer Security Center
  • Free Resources
  • Dealing with Conflict, Violence and Crises
  • Lighten Up
  • Terrorism Calendar

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Force Science News #97: Ohio Trainer Makes the Case for Single-Officer Entry Against Active Killers

This is a very interesting article on one officer response to active shooter situations. It my view it is well thought out and makes sense, that at times despite all we have learned there are times we must ADAPT and act alone in an effort to save innocent lives. The one thing an officer must understand before he uses this techniques is he must be prepared mentally and physically and be able to apply his knowledge and tactics if he is to be effective in implementing a one man response. Are you one of the 5% who has prepared himself?

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