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Hotel crime rises in recession, but hotels say they're still safe

Mary Catherine Tubbs was an experienced hotel manager, but that didn't save her from becoming a crime victim at a hotel 10 years ago.

Like two women tied up last month in New England hotel rooms by an assailant dubbed the "Craigslist killer," Tubbs was tied up by a man who followed her into a hotel room in Northbrook, Ill.

He threw her to the floor, tied her hands behind her back with a bathrobe sash, put a pillowcase over her head and choked her.

Global Metropolitan Policing: An Emerging Trend in Intelligence Sharing by John Sullivan and James Wirtz

Red Team Journal contributor John P. Sullivan has a new article with James Wirtz in Homeland Security Affairs Journal on the growth of metropolitan police networks: John Sullivan and James Wirtz hit a homerun with this article… All those tasked with protecting the Homeland from conventional and unconventional, emerging threats from criminal and terrorist networks, should take the advice they have to offer. This is an outstanding article.

The OODA Loop: A simple concept for modern combat strategy by Scott Vomberg of Spartan Cops

The OODA loop is a decision making model developed by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd.  It is also known as the OODA cycle or Boyd’s loop.  It is a concept that has been strategically applied at individual as well as group levels.  Understanding the OODA loop allows officers to prepare general tactics for commonly encountered situations as well as specific tactics when detailed circumstances are known ahead of time.

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Be mindful of the handcuff "rip" tactic by violent offenders

A great article on  by  George Demetriou NYPD Detective (retired) on the tactic known as the Handcuff rip used by violent offenders. The method has been used to kill or seriously injure at least 5 officers since 2007.


Tulsa Police, Security Team up to Fight Crime

Tulsa OK April 30 2009

There’s a new security force in some high crime neighborhoods. It’s a partnership that officers say targets a source of the problem in many crime-ridden areas and apartment complexes.

Police, Security subdue disorderly person at Sea-World

Orlando Fla April 30 2009 

A sweaty, shirtless man on LSD was shot with a stun gun several times after trying to enter SeaWorld Orlando without paying, according to an Orange County sheriff’s report released Wednesday.

Nicholas Casanova, 23, of Miami, wielded a more than 30-inch-wide recycling bin cover as a shield and repeatedly shouted “never, never!” during a scuffle with deputies about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Swine Flu Devastates Mexico's Tourism Industry

CANCUN, Mexico, April 29 -- The airports are empty. The beach you could have to yourself. The hotel staffs are washing their hands every half-hour when they're not sanitizing the doorknobs.  Continue reading


LESC Announces "Professional Behind the Shield" Workshop Series

Doing what we Know How to Do, Better!

Developing Insight, Innovation and Initiative: High Yield Results with Little Time:

For those agencies who have trouble scheduling training or finding the time to pull frontline personnel off of posts or the off the street, to attend training, LESC has a solution. In 2009 we starting  with the “Professional Behind the Shield “ Workshop Series. 

Campus Security: Communication, Collaborative Efforts and intersecting Ideas

Managing a More Complex Environment and Doing What We Know How To Do…Better! By Fred Leland

Law Enforcement and Security Consulting (LESC)

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