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Slowing down your opponent's OODA Loop by Spartan Cops

As I discussed in The OODA Loop: A simple concept for modern combat strategy, there are two ways to take the offense away from our opponent. One is to overtake him in the cycle by being faster.  I discussed common tactics for that strategy in How to zip through the OODA Loop. The second method is to slow your opponent down. This article discusses tactics for that strategy.

What is a Policeman Video by Paul Harvey

What is a Policeman video pretty much says it all in about 3 minutes. click here

Team prepared to defuse crisis situations

Here is a great article on innovative ideas and collaborative efforts at resolving conflict. They are using this tactic for a vast array of fast moving circumstances in an effort to end without violence. Similar to hostage negotiation but for more prevalent calls as well such as domestics and  violent disturbance.  The team is designed to help deescalate tense situations and resolve them without violence if possible… Something to think about as we evolve in our professions.


Officers still hospitalized; chief describes chaotic day

The shooting of two Milwaukee officers on the south side did not end the gunfire in the city on Tuesday.

Three hours later, police say a man just released from prison that day would shoot and kill a 24-year-old man on the north side, marking at least the city's 38th homicide this year.

On Wednesday, Police Chief Edward Flynn reflected on the chaos of it all, crediting his officers' professionalism and the citizens on both sides of town who helped to bring suspects in each shooting into custody.

"It was quite a day," the chief said.

Police: Conn. man dies after Taser hit

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., June 21 (UPI) -- A 36-year-old man died in South Windsor, Conn., after being shot by a police officer with a stun gun and injuring himself on a knife he was holding, police say.

Police told the Hartford (Conn.) Courant the man confronted police officers with a knife Saturday morning and then ignored their orders to drop the weapon. No reason was reported for why the officers were called to the South Windsor home where they encountered the armed man.

10 things police officers should always do from Spartan Cops

10 things police officers should always do
  1. Always wear body armor because it has proven to save officer lives.
  2. Always carry a backup gun because you may need it when you are fighting over your duty gun.


Check out this great report on the links between crime and terrorism and the emerging threat it poses the United States and its citizens. This will ultimately have an affect on us in law enforcement and security. Its 33 pages and well worth the read.


Law Enforcement & Security Consulting, Inc (LESC) Most Read Articles with Fred Leland

Here is a compiled list of some the most popular articles written by Fred Leland of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc. All the articles are centered on developing situational awareness and decision making under pressure, as well as create and nurture the strategic and tactical mindset that is essential in detecting, preventing and resolving conflict and violence, be it on patrol, the street, a university or campus, hospital, place of worship

Miami Beach officer involved in 2 shootings

The Associated Press

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- A Miami Beach police officer is on administrative leave after being involved in two fatal shootings in less than a week.

Miami Beach officer Adam Tavss was involved in the shooting death of a 29-year-old tourist from Virginia on June 14 and then another shooting Thursday, the same day he was taken off administrative leave following the first shooting, police said.

Video: State Trooper Scuffles With Paramedic

TULSA WORLD, Okla. — An Oklahoma state trooper is receiving national criticism after an altercation between him and a paramedic. The incident, which was caught on a cell phone camera, occurred while the paramedic was transporting a patient to the hospital.

According to the trooper, the ambulance driver failed to yield to the officer and allegedly made an obscene gesture. The trooper pulled the paramedics over and an altercation ensured. The paramedic continually stated his case for getting to the hospital immediately instead of arguing over a ticket.

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