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Hamilton Police Shooting Video...Fast Transients In Action!

This  video depicts fast transient maneuvers on both the adversarial and friendly sides. An unknown risk stop (KEEP IN MIND ALL CONTACTS ARE UNKNOWN RISK).

LESC Links April 23rd 2010

Calif. cops look for leads in booby trap attacks

Hemet police and FBI agents served a series of search warrants throughout Riverside County this morning searching for leads on the attacks on Hemet police.

Police arrested and or detained 16 people this morning on suspicion of unspecified crimes. Police said no one arrested has been directly charged with any of the attacks that threatened officers or destroyed police and city property.

LESC Links April 16th 2010

Calif. town declares emergency in wake of attacks

Hemet will be able to speed up security improvements to the Police Department building and City Hall after the City Council on Tuesday declared that an emergency exists.

Evolving Threat to Cops Continues: Wash. man plotted to kill deputies

EVERETT, Wash. — An Everett man who police believe was planning to kill Snohomish County sheriff's deputies had guns, ammunition and bulletproof vests to carry out an assault.

It was to be a killing similar to the Thanksgiving weekend assassination of four Lakewood police officers, police said.

Deputies arrested transient Michael McConnachie, 19, on Sunday at a south Everett motel, according to a police affidavit filed Monday in Everett District Court.

The Gulf-Zeta Split and the Praetorian Revolt by Samuel Logan and John P Sullivan

The recent split between two former allies in Mexico's criminal underworld has torn open a new chapter of violence in northern Mexico that has already tinged Monterrey and threatens to spread down the border line, Samuel Logan and John P Sullivan write for ISN Security Watch.

LESC Links April 8th 2010

Private detectives volunteer for intelligence gathering

Over 25,000 private detectives across the country will offer their services to Delhi Police in gathering intelligence to prevent any untoward incident during the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Collaborative efforts and intersecting ideas, I like the idea! ~Fred

Tactics: Applying Methods to Madness

The tactical dimension of dealing with conflict and violence is built on the foundation of strategic and operational elements. (We’ll talk about the lost operational art next week) The tactical dimension is the when and the where of the situation, the  time and place.

Tranquility To Tragedy Critical Strategies for Active Shooter Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

March 11th I was invited to The United States Military Academy West Point to speak on the evolution of strategy and tactics to ongoing deadly action "Active Shootings" and operational art.

The seminar was set up by Dr. Christopher Hennen the Director of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security U.S. Army Garrison-West Point.

The seminar was designed to alert, enlighten and educate about the challenges and potential remedies associated with active shooter violence.

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