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LESC Links January 12th 2010

Calif. cop kicked out of school while arresting gang member

A San Francisco police officer was ordered out of John O'Connell High School for arresting an alleged gang member in connection with a double homicide without first consulting the principal.

LESC Links January 11th 2010

Disgruntled plant worker kills 3, injures 5 in St. Louis

A disgruntled worker embroiled in a pension dispute with his company showed up at the plant and opened fire Thursday, killing three people and wounding five before apparently killing himself.

Independent Board of Inquiry Into the Oakland PD March 21 Incident where 4 officers paid the Ultimate Sacrifice

This report or After Action Review was released yesterday. It’s about the tragic March 21st Oakland PD Incident where 4 cops were killed, 1 injured and the bad guy killed in a 2 hour period. It is a great report with lessons learned. We do not have to agree with everything in the report but we should most definitely learn from the lessons both positive and negative and adapt accordingly.

Human Traffickers: Another Parasite Amongst Us Guest Post with Hakim Hazim

The public should be especially sensitive to the plight of modern day slaves. Human trafficking, according to the United Nations, “is the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them. “ It’s modern day slavery, pure and simple. The victims are men, women, and children who find themselves caught up and trapped in world of predators. The victims come from every part of the globe and in every color.

LESC LINKS January 8th 2010

Boston mayor wants to block Yemeni tankers from Boston Harbor

Yemen is disintegrating, and jihadists are moving in; the mayor of Boston says it is unsafe to allow tankers delivering liquefied natural gas from Yemen into Boston Harbor; “They cannot be coming into a harbor like Boston, where there is less than 50 feet between the tankers and residential areas,’ the mayor says of Yemeni tankers’

LESC Links

Caught on tape: Burglars target wrong techie

Grateful police say they've "never seen anything like this before"

An interesting article that focuses on the positive of technology, knowhow applied that led to the apprehension of to home invaders in Framingham Massachusetts.

A Framingham, Mass., resident received an urgent text message at work on Friday. It was from his home computer reporting the presence of movement inside of his apartment, which he had equipped with a motion detector and surveillance camera after a recent burglary.

Calif. officer's single shot killed bank robber who held hostages

"This was a clear, calculated ambush situation for officers and deputies," Redding police Lt. Scott Mayberry said

BURNEY, Calif. — Police are calling a 47-year-old Burney man's shooting spree from inside a bank an orchestrated attack that left them no choice but to fire back.

"This was a clear, calculated ambush situation for officers and deputies," Redding police Lt. Scott Mayberry said Wednesday at a news conference.

Threat Alert: MS13 and the Blending of Youth Gangs with Drug Cartels

Often it doesn't get the attention that the Mexican cartel drug violence gets in the media. Frankly, quite often the media doesn't pay all that much attention to the cartel related violence in general, and there are still too many Americans that do not appreciate the true threat represented by the encroachment of Mexican drug violence into our streets. So, while independent of the Mexican cartel, activities of transnational gangs like MS-13 and the 18th St. Gang represent a considerable threat to US citizens.

ADL Special Report - The Aryan Circle: Crime in the Name of Hate

The Aryan Circle is a large, growing and dangerous white supremacist prison gang based primarily in Texas, though it has a presence in a number of other states. It is active both in prisons and on the streets. It is an extreme and violent group, with a long track record of murder, including the deaths of two police officers in Bastrop, Louisiana, in 2007.

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