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Gary Klein – Cognitive Psychologist, Studies Decision Making in Crisis on The Break It Down Show..Outstanding Episode

Cognitive Psychologist, Studies Decision Making in Crisis - Making decisions, understanding intuition and getting better at adapting our decisions and thinking; especially when there isn't enough time or information to make the best decision. There's actually a guy, Gary Klein, that studies highly complex, extreme risk decisions and how to improve them.

Great Break It Down Show Focus on School Shootings

Pete’s Wish List for Combat Warriors. Perhaps Some Lessons for Poliicng as Well?

I love this wish list by Pete Turner. It fits policing as well, as what I am teaching cops this year Procedural Justice and Combatting Violent Extremism. His take on emotional verse cultural intelligence is spot on and describes as well what we police must consider and how we police must be more deliberate in our policing efforts, to be more effective.

A Great Break It Down Show Podcast on Interview and Interrogation: A Candid Straight Up Discussion

​I Did It -- Skip Rogers is an expert in interrogations and interviews. As a peace officer he worked for over 25 years in California. Along the way, he mastered the art of extracting confessions.

Break It Down Show Podcast: Better Understanding Policing and Why it Matters

Another great show and my 3rd visit with Jon and Pete from the Break It Down Show as we discuss what helps us to better understand policing, how and why we do it. Seriously great show, Jon and Pete are incredible interviewers and we have a LOT of ground to cover still Check out the show, and as always, please do share.

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