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What hath Boyd wrought? With Remarks

Or “wrote.” Written.

Boyd is sometime criticized for not having sat down and written Patterns and his other briefings into nice books. They claim that his ideas are hard to fathom just from his briefings.

But Boyd’s framework, although deep and complex, is not esoteric. In addition to “Destruction and Creation,” Boyd produced a continuous stream of writings from August 1976 until January of the year before his death: Continue reading Chet Richards piece here:

John Boyd, Conceptual Spiral, and the meaning of life

This paper Chet Richards presented at the 2012 Boyd and Beyond III. Also, “People, Ideas, and Things in that Order: Some Observations,” by Greg Wilcox.

Both papers are worth your time and effort to read, digest and read again helping you in your understanding of Col John Boyd and his ideas.

Be agile and win:

Agility More thoughts from Chet Richards on agility, sensing yourself and the world around you as you interact and accord with adversarial changes.

Why Boyd is Agile

More analysis on Boyd’s theories from Chet Richards in his latest post at Fast Transients, Why Boyd is agile: Keep in mind when Chet speaks of agile, fast transients and adaptability, he is speaking to the not only the physical dimension but the moral and mental dimensions of conflict as well.

Destruction & Creation: Are You Locked on One Way of Thinking or Are You Adaptable, Approaching Tactical Dilemmas?

In crisis situations are you closed minded and locked into one specific way of handling situations or are you open minded and adapt tactics to meet the circumstances you find yourself in as you attempt to solve tactical dilemma’s?  Is your chosen method wrapped up in a sole technique you learned or, have you learned to artfully apply tactics based on the foundational principles in realization the the foundation or checklist alone may not help you in reaching sound decisions and the outcomes you seek?  The foundational principles are important but we all to often this is, where w

Chet Richards digs a little deeper into Patterns of OODA loops

In my brilliant exegesis of Boyd’s Discourse, “Boyd’s Real OODA Loop,” (available through the “Articles” link in the menu bar above), I noted that:

In his presentations on armed conflict—war—Boyd never wrote the term “OODA loop” alone but used the phrase “operating inside opponents’ OODA loops,” which he seemed careful never to define. (p. 9)

Chet Richards On: Boyd's Really Real OODA Loop

One thing about those who follow Boyd’s ideas is that they are constantly reflecting upon how to best improve decision making under pressure.

Destruction and Creation

Chet Richards has a newly edited version of Col John Boyd’s Destruction and Creation posted at Fast Transients.

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