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Tactical IQ: Using "SURPRISE" to Set the Tempo of Confrontation.

By: Fred Leland

“By surprise we mean a state of disorientation resulting from an unexpected event that degrades the enemy’s ability to resist. We achieve surprise by striking the enemy at a time or place or in a manner for which the enemy is unprepared. It is not essential that we take the enemy unaware, but only that awareness came too late to react effectively.” ~USMC Warfighting

Tactical IQ: Developing "Fingertip Feel" Shaping and Reshaping Dynamic Encounters To Gain the Advantage

By Fred Leland

“When the fight starts you do not have time to stop and think about the fundamentals. ~Chet Richards, Certain to Win

Superior Situational Awareness and Decision Making...Attributes And Skills of Full Spectrum Officers

“Conflicts are time Competitive Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Action cycles! “~John Boyd

The essence of conflict as described in the Marine Corps Warfighting Manual is a struggle between two hostile, independent, and irreconcilable wills, trying to impose itself on the other. Conflict is fundamentally an interactive social process.

Adaptive Leader Methodology: An Alternative for Better Outcomes

By Don Vandergriff and Fred Leland

It was an honor and privilege to work on this article with my good friend Don Vandergriff. Our hope is you all get some ideas you can utilize making yourselves and your organizations more effective. ~Fred

Tactics: Applying Methods to Madness

The tactical dimension of dealing with conflict and violence is built on the foundation of strategic and operational elements. (We’ll talk about the lost operational art next week) The tactical dimension is the when and the where of the situation, the  time and place.

Tactical IQ: Interaction, Insight and Imagination, and Initiative...The Building Blocks of Police Operational Art

“The essence of winning and losing is in learning how to shape or influence events so that we not only magnify our spirit and strength but also influence potential adversaries as well as the uncommitted so that they are drawn toward our philosophy and are empathetic towards our success.” ~Col. John Boyd

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