John Poole

Complacency and False Sense of Urgency: Why We Fail to Take Advantage of The Last Hundred Yards?

The problem is complacency. We have all seen it. Yet we underestimate its power and its prevalence. Highly destructive complacency is, in fact, all around us, including in places where people would deny it, deny it, and deny it still more.

More On, Gung Ho! Out of Seeming Defeat May Have Sprung Great Potential

"Lt. Col. Evans Carlson soon suffered all the torment of any reformer to the bureaucratic status quo. His attempts to infuse a Western military with a little Eastern culture had made him minimally eccentric in the eyes of most.

Expeditionary Eagles: Outmaneuvering the Taliban by H. John Poole

Expeditionary Eagles Every time I get a copy of one of Johns books I get motivated to read.

Tequila Junction 4th Generation Counterinsurgency by H. John Poole

I just finished reading the latest book by John Poole, "Tequila Junction 4th-Generation Counterinsurgency." The book is outstanding. I could not put it down. It’s not a novel, but if your interest or responsibility is security, it reads like one. Tequila Junction is, a lesson on current world events including intelligence gathered on non-Muslim threats to America from Central and South America and their links to China.

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