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I Am An Optimist. It Does Not Seem Too Much Use Being Anything Else!

Found a very good piece at the website Switch and Shift "The Case for Workplace Optimism" which discusses what optimism in the workplace is and then gives you some ideas on how to evolve your culture to one more opportunistic.

"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else." ~Winston Churchill

Incident Command: the team cohesion aspect of the SitRep

Over the past few weeks, I have been re-engineering Police Incident Command according to The Illinois Model law enforcement operations system (LEOpSys). Most of the ideas aren't earth-shattering, but they suggest some small adjustments to the nationally-mandated program. The first several posts lay some foundation into our vision of what IC should be.

Create Your Fantasy Island Organizational Culture by Tracey Richardson

If you were an executive and had the opportunity to land on Fantasy Island, what would your fantasy be? Would it be to instantly create an environment of empowered problem solvers working towards a common goal fueled by good leadership? Would Tattoo and Mr. Roark be there encouraging leadership to spend the majority of their time at the gemba? Would you know the secret to a Lean culture? How would it all play out?

Leadership 101: Let your troops learn from mistakes By Vance "Fox" Rosen

Often we fail to give the big picture to our subordinates and instead guide each and every phase of an operation

I heard a great story the other day. I don't know where it came from, so I can't give proper credit, but it isn't mine.

A commander received three new lieutenants and wanted to see what they were made of. He told them that they had all day to come up with a mission order to put up a flagpole.

He told them that they would each have a flagpole, basic tools, a sergeant, and a platoon.

The Only Acceptable Mission Order

“A Way” To Develop a Toxic Leader: How We as Leaders Create Our Own Monsters

Toxic leaders, are we creating and nurturing our own? This is the questioned the folks from "An Enlightened Soldier" answer and then offer some sound advise on how to help ensure we stop developing our own Frankenstein's. This is another great read from this great site. Stay Oriented! Fred


The Guy Behind the Guy, Behind the Guy: A Case for Taking our Roles More Seriously

Another great post from "An Enlightened Soldier" I think we in law enforcement can all learn from on the importance of knowing our stuff and the effort it takes to do so. Do you take your role seriously? Stay Oriented! Fred

To Strengthen And Preserve Cohesion Your Values...Equal Their Values

Danny Cox in his book, “Leadership When the Heat is On,” states; an organization will never rise above the quality of its leadership. With the 10 leadership characteristics as your guiding pillar of fire, you can lead some pretty wild folks successfully across a challenging desert and produce great results. When building a new team, the selection process is guided to some degree by what jobs you need handled.

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