Officer Safety

Fire Nobody! by Dave Smith

I have been following Dave Smith and his police advice for more than 30 years. It is sound advice I know every cop can learn from. This piece hits on an important topic "taking responsibility" I have often been heard stating, that in, in my fantasy police department those that worked there would take JOY in RESPONSIBILITY. Actually long for responsibility. Crave it! After-all talking about officer safety is just that...Talk. We can and must do better! Don't let Officer Nobody be you! Here is the piece in its entirety:


Incident Strategy and Tactics: The Baby Diaper Analogy

Is it more important to be a kick-ass gunfighter? ...or to have the wisdom and understanding on how to stay out of a gunfight in the first place? And on which of these things should police instructors being focusing their efforts? This debate isn't limited to only the use of police deadly force; it's one that permeates law enforcement education and training as a whole.

Is Today Your Day?

This 23-minute roll-call training video put out by the IACP underscores the tragedies that regrettably result from officers' failing to wear their seatbelts. Wearing the seatbelt is only a piece of the equation to reaching the outcomes we seek in officer safety. Another big piece is the decisions you make behind the wheel.

Be sure to check this video out, then think about and heed the advice the officers in it recommend based on the lessons they have learned.

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