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Police One Column: 13 questions to answer in 2013: What has 2012 taught you about officer safety and effectiveness?

As this is the last week of the year, many of us are understandably looking back at the past 12 months and discussing what we consider to be the significant events of 2012.

In most cases, such discussions tend to focus on the numerous challenges and upheavals we’ve either watched from afar or witnessed firsthand — from police response to crisis to police officers being ambushed and killed in the line of duty.

"There are police officers who know they can survive on the street because...

...of the training and skills they acquire through daily experience, but they cannot handle going back to the police station. There is misunderstandings, jealousy, and anger in the community of police officers. Sometime officers accuse each other of betraying the department. Sometimes officers, like all of us, don't help each other. They don't understand each other as a community, as a family. When we are not able to recognize and embrace each others pain, we cannot help it to transform. This keeps us from moving forward in our path of service.

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