Beyond Active Response: An Operational Concept for Police Counterterrorism Response

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Tactics: Applying Methods to Madness

The tactical dimension of dealing with conflict and violence is built on the foundation of strategic and operational elements. (We’ll talk about the lost operational art next week) The tactical dimension is the when and the where of the situation, the  time and place.

Contact and Cover and officer survival

Just read Steven Albrecht’s article Contact and Cover: The Supervisors Critical Role in Officer Survival thanks to Spartan cops for the tip in which they state it the best article they have seen on the topic.

Video: Tactical Handcuffing Made Simple from Spartan Cops

I just found this site a few weeks back and Matt and Scott from Spartan Cops have outstanding information on this site that will be helpful to any protection professional working the street or a post. Check this video on a simple method of handcuffing both a compliant and non-compliant individual. The KISS principle at its best!


Counter-ambush tactics for patrol officers with Lt. Dan Marcou

On November 12 Sheriff Robert Maxwell, a decorated army combat veteran, was shot and killed when he was ambushed by two men. One evaded capture and the second suspect was tried and acquitted. You did not see this in the papers. That’s because this all-but-forgotten tragedy occurred 211 years ago in 1797.

Officers have been killed and wounded from ambush since the beginning of our national sojourn. It is reasonable to ask, “How does one prepare for the unexpected?” The answer is, “Expect it!”

Six secrets for stronger survival training with Charles Remsberg

What do a swimming pool, a dark room, and interrupted simulator scenarios have in common?

All can be instrumental parts of innovative training that can help officers win against armed assailants, according to Chris Ghannam, president of Sark Securities Inc., an independent advanced-training organization based in Tampa, Fla.

Create and Nurture Preparedness/Adaptability with Tactical Decision Games and Decision Making Critiques

A LESC Discourse: Establishing the Discipline to Train and Invest in Preparedness is an ongoing series of articles discussing training and preparedness, learning, unlearning and relearning to develop insight, innovation and initiative to deal with conventional and unconventional problems and threats.

Sun Tzu Series Part 8: Interpersonal Communication: Doing What We Know How To Do, Better...in the Tactical Realm of Conflict

Know yourself and know your enemy. You will be safe in every battle. You may know yourself but not know the enemy. You will then lose one battle for every one you win. You may not know yourself or the enemy. You will then lose every battle. ~Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu's Series Part 6: Methods: Both Art...and Science


EVOLUTION ART AND SCIENCE Some may see how to win. However, they cannot position their forces where they must.

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