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Virginia Tech Study Contains Lessons for Fort Hood

Psychological trauma among Virginia Tech students in the wake of the 2007 mass shooting was widespread and long-lasting, according to newly published research that suggests such tragedies are communal events with far-reaching ramifications.

12 Injured in Shooting After San Francisco Concert

SAN FRANCISCO — A gunman opened fire at a group of fighting men, injuring 12 people outside a concert hall, authorities said Monday.

The gunfire erupted Sunday night near the Regency Ballroom after several men were involved in a fist fight, San Francisco police Sgt. Wilfred Williams said. The victims were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

At some point, a man standing near the fighters opened fire in their direction before running away, police said.

Gunman surrenders in high school standoff

All safe after principal held hostage in upstate N.Y.

Image: Suspect in custody

A suspect is seen in custody outside Stissing Mountain High in Pine Plains, N.Y.

PINE PLAINS, N.Y. - A suspect who held a school administrator hostage at a New York high school surrendered Tuesday morning, the Duchess County Sheriff's Office said.

Man Killed, 6 Hurt in Shooting at Illegal Bar in Pennsylvania

READING, Pa. —  Authorities in eastern Pennsylvania say a Maryland man is dead after a weekend shooting at an illegal bar that also injured six people.

Reading police say 28-year-old Richard Gonzalez, of Prince George's County, was killed around 3:30 a.m. Sunday in what investigators are calling a speakeasy.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams says about 100 people were in the bar. He says multiple shooters fired 25 to 30 shots.

Orlando shooting suspect charged with murder, apologizes

Orlando shooter Jason Rodriguez was deep in debt and angry with the engineering firm that fired him because according to him, "they left me to rot."
Rodriguez, a former civil engineer, recently told a bankruptcy judge he was now making less than $30,000 a year at a Subway sandwich shop and was in debt to the tune of $90,000.

2 Dead In Downtown Orlando Office Building Shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Eyewitness News learned that two people were killed dead in a shooting at a downtown Orlando office building Friday. According to Orlando Fire Department dispatch and Orlando police, six other people were shot and transported to a local hospital.

Soldier kills 12, hurts 31 in Fort Hood rampage

FORT HOOD, Texas - An Army psychiatrist set to be shipped overseas opened fire at the Fort Hood Army post yesterday, authorities said, a rampage that killed 12 people and left 31 wounded in the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the United States.

The gunman, first said to have been killed, was wounded but alive and in stable condition under military guard, said Lieutenant General Bob Cone at Fort Hood.

“I would say his death is not imminent,’’ Cone said.

Colonel Ben Danner said the suspect was shot four times and was in critical condition.

Police search for gunman in North Hollywood synagogue shooting

A gunman entered the grounds of  a North Hollywood synagogue this morning and shot and wounded two men who were going to a prayer service in an attack LAPD detectives are investigating as a hate crime.

The unidentified gunman wearing a black hoodie walked into the underground parking garage of Adat Yeshurun Valley Sephardic synagogue at 12405 Sylvan St. shortly before 6:20 a.m., said LAPD Deputy Chief Michel Moore. He approached a man in his 40s who was parking his car to attend prayer service.

Small Towns, Soft Targets, Small Unit Swarming Tactics and Systems Disruption: Are We Ready For a Terrorist Attack?

Soft targets have been discussed in law enforcement and security circles, but few have given serious consideration to the idea of terrorists exploiting small malls, schools churches and places where small groups from the community gather. In light of recent news of terrorist cells being uncovered in suburban American, it is critical to recognize that any location that is open and available for people to gather is a potential target of extremism and terrorist acts.

Preventing Conflict and Violence by Way of Awareness, Collaborative Efforts and Resilient Networks by Fred Leland

“Uncertainty has been called the greatest challenge to security.”~ Geerat J. Vermeij

None of us escapes conflict; it is part of our daily lives. So how do we become more effective at recognizing potential threatening situations and come up with a more positive outcome driven strategy and methods to preventing and resolving conflicts and violence?

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