Attributes and Attitude

On Vision

“It is one thing to be a solo performer, a single man or woman out on the wire or ahead of the pack. It is quite another to translate singular excellence to a group, to impact a vision and style so completely that, after awhile, the body begins to act in concert with its leader.” ~GEN Gordan Sullivan, United States Army,(Ret.)

Restoring the Wounded Spirit

Taking Care of Those in Your Charge

“More than anything else, Marines have fought and…won because of a commitment, to a leader and to a small band of brothers where the ties that bind are mutual respect and confidence, shared privation, shared hazard, shared triumph, a willingness to obey. And determination to follow.” ~LT GEN Victor Krulak, USMC (Ret.)

International Law Enforcement Trainers & Educators Association Published: Mindset and Winning: About Much More than Words

The fall edition of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Journal, has published an article I wrote; Mindset and Winning: About Much More than Words.

More On, Gung Ho! Out of Seeming Defeat May Have Sprung Great Potential

"Lt. Col. Evans Carlson soon suffered all the torment of any reformer to the bureaucratic status quo. His attempts to infuse a Western military with a little Eastern culture had made him minimally eccentric in the eyes of most.

The anatomy of victory (part one): What does it take to win?

Winning on the street comes in many forms and means different things to different people.

Winning in law enforcement encounters can be gaining voluntary compliance through communication and negotiation or it can ebb and flow back and forth through a vast array of outcomes up to and including deadly force. Winning to the cop means one thing, while to an adversary winning on his terms is quite another.

A Creed Every Cop Should Aspire To

My son and I just saw Lt Col Dave Grossman speak a couple of weeks ago,the Bulletproof Mind seminar where he talked about the warrior models for cops to follow that focus on being deeply invested in a cause. He talked about policemen and where the word came from and what it means; “man of the city.” He talked about our badges that are today directly related to the Knights of the Paladin and the shields they carried as they did good deeds in the land.

Who is living rent free in your head?

I received a great newsletter from Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training on the topic of letting things go, forgiveness and moving forward. This topic I believe fits right in with some previous posts here on controlling our anger and developing the ability to remain mentally calm, building mutual trust, that leads to unity and focus and how this relates to performance on the street and in the station house.

Brain asks the all important question: Who is living rent free in your head?

Who is living rent free in your head? by Brian Willis

"There are police officers who know they can survive on the street because...

...of the training and skills they acquire through daily experience, but they cannot handle going back to the police station. There is misunderstandings, jealousy, and anger in the community of police officers. Sometime officers accuse each other of betraying the department. Sometimes officers, like all of us, don't help each other. They don't understand each other as a community, as a family. When we are not able to recognize and embrace each others pain, we cannot help it to transform. This keeps us from moving forward in our path of service.

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