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Reducing Law Enforcement Misfortunes...What About the Street Officer?

“Criticism exists only to recognize the truth, not to act as judge” ~Carl von Clausewitz

Street Level Red Teaming: Assessing The Situation From the Adversarial Point of View

Red Teaming-an approach to understanding our adversary and the methods they use. Red teaming or playing the role of our adversaries is an outstanding way to gain insights into not only the mindset  of our adversaries but in to the methods they use in carrying out their operations.

JUSTIFIED: Are You Serious? The Balancing Act of Persuasion, and Reasonable Force

By Fred Leland

Seattle police say they'll review police tactics and training after an officer was shown on video punching a young woman in the face. Everyone reading this article should take a look at this video before continuing. It’s provided at the link above.

Hamilton Police Shooting Video...Fast Transients In Action!

This  video depicts fast transient maneuvers on both the adversarial and friendly sides. An unknown risk stop (KEEP IN MIND ALL CONTACTS ARE UNKNOWN RISK).

Oakland Police Shooting Report with Insights from Attorney/COP Ron Sellon

Over on Massachusetts Police Legal News Attorney/COP Ron Sellon offers some valuable insight into the lessons learned from the after action review released last month on the Oakland PD March 21st incident that left 4 police officers dead in a  2 hour time frame.  In the end failure to critique  our responses in a candid and honest way leads to more deaths and doing things the same way we always have.

After Action Review: Is It a Tool Used to Learn and Become More Effective or a Tool Used to Punish?

“Because of the zero-defects mentality officers will often use caution when admitting mistakes or allowing others to criticize them; the AAR can turn into a ‘who shot whom’ if not properly facilitated.” ~Don Vandergriff

Independent Board of Inquiry Into the Oakland PD March 21 Incident where 4 officers paid the Ultimate Sacrifice

This report or After Action Review was released yesterday. It’s about the tragic March 21st Oakland PD Incident where 4 cops were killed, 1 injured and the bad guy killed in a 2 hour period. It is a great report with lessons learned. We do not have to agree with everything in the report but we should most definitely learn from the lessons both positive and negative and adapt accordingly.

False Sense of Urgency or Sound Tactics? You Make the Call!

Video shows plainclothes D.C. detective drawing gun during snowball fight

Take a look at this video and you tell me whether this is sound principles of safety, tactics and professionalism or is this an off duty cop having a bad day he just made worse?

Officer Created Jeopardy: Reduce it with a Strategic and Tactical Mind

Fighting is not only a battle of courage, but also of wits. Hence, creating false formations and illusions enables one to be camouflaged. This confuses the enemy.” ~100 Strategies of war

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