Decision Making

Follow Me!!! Creating and Nurturing Tactical Decision Makers With Combat Tested Methodologies

Cops Dying from Poor Tactical Decisions…That's the Problem!

In 2010, 162 police officers died in the line of duty. Thus far in 2011 we have 2 officers killed in the line of duty. Not a good start to the new year.  You can see how these deaths break down here at the Officer Down Memorial Page. 

From OODA to AAADA ― A cycle for surviving violent police encounters

By Michael J. Asken, Ph.D.

Dr. Mike Asken is a State Police psychologist and author of “MindSighting: Mental Toughness Skills for Police Officers in High Stress Situations.” His Web site is

Intersecting Ideas from Cross Disciplines...and Taking Boyd's Theories Beyond

“The future opponent may be as well armed as they are; he will be able to concentrate a numerical superiority against isolated detachments at the time and place he chooses. (United States Marine Corps, 1940)

Tactical IQ: Developing "Fingertip Feel" Shaping and Reshaping Dynamic Encounters To Gain the Advantage

By Fred Leland

“When the fight starts you do not have time to stop and think about the fundamentals. ~Chet Richards, Certain to Win

Reducing Law Enforcement Misfortunes...What About the Street Officer?

“Criticism exists only to recognize the truth, not to act as judge” ~Carl von Clausewitz

Can technology suck your brain dry?

Man vs. Machine with Jim Donahue & John Demand

Organizational Culture: Is Yours Congruent with What You Do?

My good friend Don Vandergriff sent me a terrific 167 page report from the Strategic Studies Institute  IS THE ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE OF THE U.S.

Street Level Red Teaming: Assessing The Situation From the Adversarial Point of View

Red Teaming-an approach to understanding our adversary and the methods they use. Red teaming or playing the role of our adversaries is an outstanding way to gain insights into not only the mindset  of our adversaries but in to the methods they use in carrying out their operations.

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