Decision Making

Building Adaptive Leaders Part 1 by Don Vandergriff "Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks"

“Warfare has evolved to the point that the central idea is that small unit leaders in direct contact with the enemy can see and react to situational changes much faster than could the more senior leaders in the rear.” ~Don Vandergriff

What the Hell Does Sun Tzu and Col John Boyd Got to do With IT?


I am often asked by those in the law enforcement and security  professions; Freddie what the hell does Sun Tzu’s theories such as;

Critical Decision Making Under Pressure: The Complete Article

Decisions in rapidly changing dangerous circumstances are made at times without thought. I have heard and even uttered the words myself, "I didn't think about it." I just acted." We just did what had to be done."

Can that be true? Can those of us involved in extreme situations where life and death are at stake actually make decisions without thinking, without analyzing options, intuitively?

The answer is clearly yes.

The Boyd Cycle Observation: Modes of Perception, the Origin of Knowledge via the Senses...and Truly Trained Observers!

TREBLE SECURITY In this post I would like to begin the process of describing each phase of the OODA Loop starting with Observation. As law enforcement and security officers we are often referred to as “trained observers” I have often thought when, where and how did we become worthy of this title “trained observer”? The true answer is, this is not the case in fact there is very little training in this area for the vast majority of police and security professionals.

The Boyd Cycle...the Crux of Success and Survival

ooda_loop_1 Col John Boyd described conflict as “time competitive observation, orientation, decision and action cycles.” This model of thought, learning and decision making is called the OODA Loop.

Boyd's Moral, Mental and Physical Dimensions of Conflict: Interact-Isolate...and Understand!

JOE COLD STREAM 2 As a law enforcement officer and prior military man, my experience and training to deal with dynamic encounters always stemmed around the physical realm of conflict.

Sun Tzu Series Part 4: The Commander...Leadership in an Uncertain World!

Next is the Commander. He must be smart, trustworthy, caring, brave, and strict. ~Sun Tzu

COL John Boyd: Building Snowmobiles and a Fine-tuned Situational Awareness

Snowmobile When reading COL John Boyd’s theories one will find it is based on constant exploration and refinement.

Sun Tzu Series Part 2: Climate...Understanding the Situation

Next you have the climate. It can be sunny or overcast. It can be hot or cold. It includes the timing of the seasons. ~Sun Tzu

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