Decision Making

To Be Or To Do?

With all the talk of "Mavericks" and "Rebels" I felt it fitting to post this quote from a true Maverick and innovator, someone, who practice what he preached and accomplished plenty in his lifetime, “COL John Boyd” who uttered these words to those struggling with decisions and were lucky enough to get this advice.

The importance of Knowing Your Stuff!

I had a great learning lesson over the last week that motivated me to write this post. The lesson focused around a business decision and the perception of business that I possess, that is based on mostly self learning, through trial and error. Lessons also stem from reading and conversations with those in business with much more formal knowledge and experience than I.

Sharpening Orientation and Decision Making

Continued learning, training, applying concepts learned and practiced in real world situations, then critiquing results to learn more; are keys to sharpening ones orientation and hence decision making. As the last post stated; "orientation is an on-going process". Not just in preparing but re-preparing (Adapting) based off the results of our actions,  our strategy and tactics used to achieve results.

Orientation: On Going Process, not a Picture.

From the Adaptive Leadership Symposium there were several key terms I picked up from the instructors. One that rung my thought process came from Chet Richards powerful presentation. He said; "Orientation is an on-going process, not a picture." I immediately thought "complacency" I have preached the word complacency over and over again while training law enforcement and security professionals.

Take the Initiative Observe-Orient-Decide and ACT!

Learn the Strategy and Tactics Essential to Avoiding, Defusing and Resolving Conflict.

Interpersonal Communications and Officer Survival

Interpersonal Communications and Officer Survival:

How Understanding The Boyd Cycle and Non-Verbal Communication
Can Save a Law Enforcement Officer’s Life!


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