Evolving Threats

Cops, Security, Citizens Need to Be Aware: Does the Climate & Environment Shift in the Wake of bin Laden's Death?

“This is war. it is the most important skill in the nation. It is the basis of life and death. It is the philosophy of survival or destruction. You must know it well. Your skill comes from five factors (philosophy. climate, ground,  leadership, methods). Study these factors when you plan war. You must insist on knowing your situation.”~Sun Tzu

Progress, Interrupt and Neutralize (P.I.N.) Swarming Techniques For The Tactician

A Tactical Option To Stop Ongoing Deadly Action

“In tactics, the most important thing is not whether you go left or right, but why you go left or right.” ~A. M. Gray

Evolving Threats Small Arms and Small Unit Swarming Tactics as Tools of Terror...Are We Up To the Challenge?

There is an interesting article written titled Armed jihadist assaults on the horizon?  The article links some of the latest attempts of terror at home Fort Hood, Christmas day bomber and the Times Square attempt as warning to what lies ahead for the United States.

Evolving Threat to Law Enforcement Online video has cops sickened, outraged

A hateful video praises the killer of a Detroit officer and calls for the murder of more cops

In the very small hours of the morning on Monday, May 3rd, 42-year-old Detroit police Officer Brian Huff was shot and killed — and four of his fellow officers were shot and wounded — in a gun battle with a 25-year-old man with a history of violence against police.

Hamilton Police Shooting Video...Fast Transients In Action!

This  video depicts fast transient maneuvers on both the adversarial and friendly sides. An unknown risk stop (KEEP IN MIND ALL CONTACTS ARE UNKNOWN RISK).

Evolving Threat to Cops Continues: Wash. man plotted to kill deputies

EVERETT, Wash. — An Everett man who police believe was planning to kill Snohomish County sheriff's deputies had guns, ammunition and bulletproof vests to carry out an assault.

It was to be a killing similar to the Thanksgiving weekend assassination of four Lakewood police officers, police said.

Deputies arrested transient Michael McConnachie, 19, on Sunday at a south Everett motel, according to a police affidavit filed Monday in Everett District Court.

Evolving Threats and the Fourth Generation Warfare Problem Here at Home

Fourth generation warfare (4GW) is conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, soldier and civilian. ~William Lind

HSTV Presents, Case Study: Mumbai

On March 1, HSTV brings you an exclusive case study of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. This program follows every step of one of the most meticulously planned and executed terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Starts March 1 at 9:00 am ET.

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