Evolving Threats

4 Police Officers Shot Dead Near Washington State Air Force Base

SEATTLE —  Four police officers were shot dead in an ambush at a Washington state coffee house, a sheriff's official said Sunday.

The attack occurred east of McChord Air Force Base in Parkland, Wash.

The officers were shot at local coffee shop, Forza Coffee, the News Tribune of Tacoma reported.

Border zones and insecurity in the Americas by John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus

Border zones are incubators of criminal instability and violence. Weak state presence and the lucrative drugs trade is combining to challenge state sovereignty in acute ways. Consider Mexico, where the northern frontier with the US and southern border with Guatemala are contested zones. The bloody center of gravity of Mexico’s drug cartels is the ‘plazas’, the drug smuggling corridors that link the borders.

Gangs and 4th Generation Warfare (4GW) The climate has Changed: Read Bill Lind's article: On WAR #323 Milestone

One of the ongoing themes of this column has been gangs and the role they play in a Fourth Generation world. Here in the United States they already serve as an alternative primary loyalty (alternative to the state) for many urban young men. Gangs will likely be a major player in 4GW because gang members are expected to fight. Those who won’t do not remain gang members.

The rise of Mexico's La Familia, a narco-evangelist cartel

Apatzingan, Mexico - They hand out Bibles to the poor in the rural foothills of the state of Michoacán. They forbid drug use, build schools and drainage systems, and declare themselves the protectors of women and children.

But this is no church group. This is La Familia Michoacána, Mexico's newest drug-trafficking gang, which now reigns over Mexico's methamphetamine trade. What began as a self-declared vigilante group doing "the work of God," now is seen as the nation's most violent criminal group.

Domestic crimes may be considered "terrorist" acts

Radical environmentalists may not see themselves as terrorists, but asked whether a terrorism enhancement applies to their sentences for destroying government property, the Seventh Circuit found the issue clear cut.

On Nov. 9, the court affirmed application of U.S.S.G. 3A1.4 to members of the Earth Liberation Front who destroyed several research projects at a U.S. Forest Service facility in Rhinelander.

Urban Siege in South Asia

Great article by John Sullivan and Adam Elkus “Urban Siege in South Asia” The article speaks to the emerging threats we face and the preparation needed in an effort to prevent and respond to the threats we face. Some may claim this implies “greater police/security apparatus or resources” I submit a not greater, but better trained resource which is the message I take from the article.

4GW Comes to Fort Hood by William Lind

A great article over on the Defense and the National Interest and Don Vandergriff’s web-site written by William Lind a man with and expertise on Conflict and Violence and who authored the Maneuver Warfare Handbook.

What's a "wanna be" terrorist?

The suspected terrorist the FBI arrested out in Sudbury Massachusetts was a “wanna be” terrorist. He was not accepted into terrorist training camp, commentators explain. As I listen to the discourse of opinions, I ask myself: What is a “wanna be” terrorist and why do so few understand that it is the “wanna be people” of the world who wreak so much havoc on society?

Smaller-Scale Terrorism Plots Pose New and Worrisome Threats, Officials Say

“After disrupting two recent terrorism plots, American intelligence officials are increasingly concerned that extremist groups in Pakistan linked to Al Qaeda are planning smaller operations in the United States that are harder to detect but more likely to succeed than the spectacular attacks they once emphasized, senior counterterrorism officials say.

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