Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: The Boyd Cycle Workshop and Adaptive Leadership Methodology Brief with the Alaska State Police

“The essence of winning and losing is in learning how to shape or influence events so that we not only magnify our spirit and strength but also influence potential adversaries as well as the uncommitted so that they are drawn toward our philosophy and are empathetic towards our success.” ~Col. John Boyd

After Action Review of UMASS Memorial Hospital Boyd Cycle Workshop

We just wrapped up two workshops with UMASS Memorial Hospital Police and security, at their Worcester location. The workshop was the Boyd Cycle Threat Assessment and Management. In the two sessions about 37 participated in the training. The involvement of all present was outstanding and due to that interaction many lessons were learned.

After Action Review on the MALEFIAA Conference and Boyd Cycle Workshop

Spent the whole day Tuesday October 22nd presenting the Boyd Cycle Threat Assessment Workshop to 22 firearms instructors. The goal of the class was not only to present Boyd's theories and how they apply to law enforcement making force decisions and threat assessments on the street and in their investigations. But also how to utilize these ideas to improve training and overall outcomes in law enforcement performance. Cops have a tough job to do and the toughest is in making decisions under pressure while in rapidly changing conditions.

Update: New details of officer shooting, fatal hit-and-run

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. -- The North Kingstown man accused of killing a gas station employee by hitting him with his SUV with his mother in the car, then driving off, and later shooting a North Kingstown police officer with his own gun, is being held without bail on five felony charges.

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Safety Committee Formed In Response To Police Shootings

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh City Council is forming a special committee to recommend ways to better protect police officers.

The council's Special Committee on Police Officer Safety will be headed by Council Safety Chair Bruce Kraus, and will include representatives of the Pittsburgh Police Department, Fraternal Order of Police and the Department of Public Safety.

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One Year After Acquittal in Sean Bell Shooting, Lives Remain in Limbo

A year ago Saturday, a judge acquitted three New York City detectives in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell. Yet those on all sides of the case, which still touches off an emotional debate over the police use of deadly force, are exactly where they were last April 25: in limbo.

What Have We Learned From the Columbine Shooting? Anything? by John Byrnes

A great white paper from John Byrnes of Aggression Management Solutions and author of the book Before Conflict Preventing Aggressive Behavior and many articles on the topic of violence and its prevention. Read on!


Mass. officer shot in the face, suspect caught

By O'Ryan Johnson
Boston Herald

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — A five-year veteran of the Framingham Police Department was shot at least once last night in the face and cops were still hunting for a suspect this morning, police said.

Poplawski's statement, police reports detail Stanton Heights shootout

When Richard Poplawski learned the fourth victim of a deadly encounter at his Stanton Heights home survived with a wound to his hand, he callously responded, "Oh, I thought I got that one, too," investigators said Tuesday.

During interviews with police, Poplawski, 22, described how he fired extra bullets into the motionless bodies of Officers Stephen J. Mayhle and Paul J. Sciullo II "just to make sure they were dead," detectives said.

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