Ongoing Deadly Action

Does Mass Violence Unfold Randomly and Chaotic or is There Hidden Order We Can Leverage in Our Prevention Efforts?

“Newton’s laws describe the motion of everything under the Sun and give physics great power in its ability to relate cause and effect. Yet the path of a ball in a pin ball machine seems to defy human control, it seems chaotic.” ~Chaos, Professor Steven Strogatz, Cornell University

Preparing for Crisis with Tactical Decision Games, After Action Reviews and Critical Question Mapping

Followers of this blog and those I have worked with know the workshops I run utilize tactical decision games, in the form of pen and paper exercises, tabletops and force on force free play exercises involving the use of Simmunitions. Also in these workshops we stress the importance of identifying lessons learned utilizing the after action review process. These training methods all stem from creating and nurturing both the individual and organizational cognitive and physical skills necessary to observe, orient, decide and act while according with an adversary(s).

"SWARMING TACTICS" Published in the California Association of Tactical Officers official publication CATO NEWS

I am privileged to have this article published in the current addition of the California Association of Tactical Officers official publication CATO NEWS.  I look forward to your feedback.


By Fred T. Leland Jr.

“In tactics, the most important thing is not whether you go left or right, but why you go left or right.” ~A. M. Gray

Documentary: Massacre at Virginia Tech


This is a very good documentary on The Virginia tech Shootings that traces the origins of Seung Hui Cho. Its well worth the hour and will give you insights into the mind and unpredictability of a this killer. The information contained in the documentary will help in prevention and threat assessments efforts in reducing these type of tragedies from occurring.  

Swarming & The Future of Conflict by John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt

This report by John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt is an outstanding resource on swarming tactics. It discusses the history with examples from history on swarming tactics strengths, weaknesses and challenges in designing swarming tactics as a tactical option for the military. For law enforcement Its important to remember that dangerous circumstances we respond to in an attempt to resolve, require we take even more into consideration these complexities as the law enforcement mission here at home is to protect and serve the communities we police.

Swarming Tactics by Sid Heal

This article “Swarming Tactics” by Sid Heal was published in the Spring 2011 issue of The Tactical Edge, the official publication of the National Tactical Officers Association (

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