Violence Against Police Officers

P1 Column: Patterns of behavior, officer safety, and 'the rule of opposites'

Part One: We recognize opposites — day as compared to night, happy compared to sad, failure versus success, peace as opposed to war, and safety counter to danger

You’re assigned to handle an emotionally disturbed person — a female — threatening suicide, according to a person who called dispatch. The location and assailant are known to you — you’ve had frequent interact with this individual, at this location, for the same type of problem.

Train To Make a Difference! A Decrease in Officer Fatalities in 1st Quarter of 2012

Ok I am normally the provider of the doom and gloom information when it comes to officer safety related issues but today I have some better than good news. Source the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.

PoliceOne.Com Published: Are you prepared to adapt and win on the street?

With cops being killed in the line of duty at a 60 percent higher rate than two years ago, and nine cops (as of this writing) already tragically lost in 2012, this ability to adapt and shift tactics in my view is a big missing factor in our training and in our thinking in the law enforcement profession. This “ace in the hole” concept conjures up thoughts of being agile, flexible and being prepared for the worst. In other words being adaptable, being prepared to adjust our responses to meet the changing conditions we encounter on the street.

You've Got To Have an Ace in the Hole. Are You Prepared to Adapt and Win on the Street?

“Adaptability is an effective change in response to an altered situation. Adaptability is not speed of reaction, but the slower, more deliberate processes associated with problem solving.” ~Don Vandergriff

Dangerous Body Language: Detecting Deception and Danger

My good friend Scott Shipman the owner of a boutique consulting firm in the Washington DC area who puts Col. John Boyd’s ideas into action and who has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the Boyd’s concepts through conversations, writings and debates over the past several years has sent me this Interesting research “How to tell when someone is lying” by Professor of psychology R.

The 10% of Mindset

By Fred Leland and John Demand

"Of every 100 men you send to fight, 10 shouldn't even be there. Eighty are nothing but targets. Nine are real fighters, we are lucky to have them, they the battle make. Ah but the one, one is a true warrior and he will bring the others back" ~ Heraclitus

Evolving Threat to Law Enforcement Online video has cops sickened, outraged

A hateful video praises the killer of a Detroit officer and calls for the murder of more cops

In the very small hours of the morning on Monday, May 3rd, 42-year-old Detroit police Officer Brian Huff was shot and killed — and four of his fellow officers were shot and wounded — in a gun battle with a 25-year-old man with a history of violence against police.

"Laying in wait"attacker shoots 2 Wash. cops

Man killed, deputies hurt in county where 4 officers were slain last month

EATONVILLE, Wash. - Two sheriff's officers responding to a domestic dispute were wounded and a 35-year-old man was killed Monday after he opened fire on the officers at a home in Washington state's rural Pierce County, authorities said.

The shooting is the third in the last three months in which authorities say a gunman has taken aim at law enforcement officers in Washington State.

IACP Digest: Violence against police officers and the V.A.L.O.R. Project

“The majority of police officers will make a deadly force decision but only get services for the traumatic event if they actually pull the trigger,” said Dr. Joel Shults, a former college professor who presently is the Chief of Police for Adams State College in Colorado.

Boston cop killer walks free

The cop killer who took the life of a Boston police officer walked out of prison a free man yesterday after just 15 years behind bars, leaving the family of Thomas F. Rose Sr. “sickened,” a family friend says.

Rose, a dad of three, was 42 when he was shot and killed by Terrell Muhammad during a struggle inside the Government Center police station in 1993. Muhammad, in an escape attempt, grabbed Rose’s gun and shot him in the chest. He was sentenced to 26 to 30 years in prison for manslaughter, but served only 15 years.

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